Podcast Production

Whether you outsource your podcast production or give it a go in-house, providing audio content for your audience is not only great marketing, but a growing consumer channel.

Creating a podcast for your business drives value for your audience by allowing them to passively consume your message without taking time out of their day. While your prospective customer is on a daily commute, exercising, or on a long flight – you can be in their ear. Podcasting content is used by businesses to inform prospects and customers about your industry, your service, and the value of doing business with you.

Why Podcasting Works

Podcasting is a perfect content medium to build trust, as well as increase your brand's awareness and reputation. Business podcasts are also a great place to promote your products and services without appearing too salesy. With the right kind of content and consistency, a business podcast can become a core element of your digital marketing strategy with a high ROI.


What do I need to create a podcast?

Audio production is not your core business, so out-sourcing the creation of your Podcast is a smart move. Content Monsta can provide a turn-key solution to creating a Podcast for you.

To learn more about all of the parts needed to create a successful Podcast, read our in depth article that covers both what you need to produce in-house and what would most efficiently be done by a production company like Content Monsta.

Here is a list of key items that you need to create a successful Podcast:

  • Time to Record (On a Regular Basis)
  • A Place to Record Good Sound
  • A Recording Method
  • The Post-Production Producer
  • The Hosting Service
  • Your Business Podcast Promotion Strategy
  • The Website Blogroll for the Podcast

Who Listens to Podcasts?

  • As of 2018, there are over 525,000 active podcast shows
  • A quarter of all Americans listen to at least one regularly
  • Of the roughly 73 million Americans podcast listeners, 16 million see themselves as “avid podcast fans.”
  • 17% of marketers are planning to introduce podcasts into their marketing efforts in the foreseeable future

Ready to start your podcast?

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