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25 Business Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2020

In Blog by A. Lee Judge

Listening to podcasts about business marketing helps to keep us current and in-the-know. To help you along your content marketing journey, we’ve curated some of our favorite podcasts that benefit not just marketers, but also business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs. On these shows you can catch all the new marketing trends, business wisdom, and the highly-valued content we all yearn for.

These shows are bound to change the perspective you have on business and marketing practices, so strap in and get ready to take notes. You will want to be focused on listening and ready to take their thoughts down. 

  1. Planet Money: Planet Money’s content is ready to change your view on podcasts. The dialogue and narrative will keep you from dozing off, and nearly a thousand releases have earned it the top spot on our list. 
  2. The Business of Marketing: A group of professional marketers will keep you up to date with all the newest marketing trends, and they provide a long-needed, raw insight into content marketing. Learn how to maximize your content in under half an hour. 
  3. Masters of Scale: A co-founder of LinkedIn created a show with an impressive reel of guests, creators of all those things we cannot imagine our lives without. He is committed to testing his theory about scaling, which has a unique way of measuring success. 
  4. How I Built This: Guy Raz dedicates himself to discovering what created the world’s largest, most influential companies. The guests of this show are revealing their keys to success and making it big. 
  5. Smart Passive Income: We are pretty sure that SPI’s host Pat Flynn has a marketing tip genie somewhere up his sleeve. He shows his audience multiple tips for creating passive income online and staying ahead of the curve with all new trends. 
  6. The Tim Ferriss Show: You may even hear some people refer to Tim as ‘the Oprah of audio.’ It’s no joke, and he is being constantly awarded number one of all podcasts, throughout all categories. He probably has some clue about beating the competition. 
  7. StartUp: This take on entrepreneurial life has been downloaded tens of millions of times and even turned into a sitcom. If you’re a founder looking to get inspired, then this is your stop. 
  8. My Wake Up Call: There is a good chance that Dr. Mark Goulston will shake you and inspire you to your core. It will surely benefit your goals, as well as your mental health. 
  9. The Pitch: If you love Shark Tank, you’re going to love The Pitch. It features entrepreneurs in need of venture funding, reality TV-style, for real money
  10. The Goal Digger Podcast: Jenna Kutcher created this work-shop style business podcast with a hint of feminism and empowerment that you cannot miss. 
  11. Marketplace: What influences today’s economy and the business world? This show gives you a deeper insight into what creates the world as we know it. 
  12. Stuff You Should Know: If you enjoy witty comments and learning important business and life lessons through an unorthodox approach to education and entertainment, then this is the channel for you.
  13. Entrepreneur on Fire: This young podcast host is here to challenge us about our financial and lifestyle freedom. John Lee Dumas might just help you find your BIG idea through a take on his life and those of famous entrepreneurs he’s interviewed.
  14. This American Life: This is a more traditional take on podcast making, where the vibe strongly resembles that of older radio talk-shows with smooth background music. This American Life takes a look back on the economy, journalism, digital world, and nearly all that constitutes life in America. 
  15. The $100 MBA: This daily podcast has a true tribe of loyal followers. Chances are if you can think of a business-related topic, they’ve done a podcast about it. They take pride in straight-to-the-point, actionable lessons. 
  16. The Growth Show: This is a podcast led by the marketing vice president of HubSpot, Meghan Keaney Anderson. It provides you insight into increasing traffic, connecting with leads, closing and managing leads, etc. 
  17. Online Marketing Made Easy: The name pretty much sums this one up. We would only add that the charisma and energy of Amy Potterfield provide the ultimate podcast experience. If you ever had any interest in online marketing, this is your one must-listen.
  18. Startup Nation: Startup Nation is dedicated to those whose ambitions have yet to materialize in a startup. This podcast gives lessons on human interaction in business and mastering all the qualities needed for managing your own business. 
  19. Perpetual Traffic: Each episode of this compilation of digital marketing topics has a clear goal of mastering a single aspect of the industry within less than an hour. Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman allow you to become a fully prepared, well-rounded marketer for free.
  20. BizChix: This podcast is dedicated to women entrepreneurs. It focuses on building up your company, building your team, and growing an all-powerful female CEO mindset. The host, Natalie Eckdahl, uses the knowledge she gained through coaching high-performing business executives and shares the strategies with her young audience.
  21. Youpreneur: Youpreneur says it’s time to build the business of YOU. This is more than just a podcast helping passionate, goal-oriented entrepreneurs stay on track. It’s an entire ideology with its own terminology and unique takes on the newest business dilemmas. 
  22. As Told By Nomads: Tayo Rockson has a unique goal for his podcast, and it’s to be able to influence the next set of global leaders by interviewing the current ones. He insists on cross-culture communication and foregoing fixed mindsets in order to become leaders in business and culture affairs.
  23. Mixergy: This podcast allows you insight into the minds of proven entrepreneurs, their challenges, and the struggles they fought to overcome. Mixergy stems from learning from a mix of experienced mentors, giving you various perspectives on the business world.  
  24. School of Greatness: Former athlete and entrepreneur Lewis Howes created a podcast where he would share some of the most inspiring stories from the most brilliant minds in the industry.  His podcast features many famous athletes turned entrepreneurs. 
  25. The Introvert Entrepreneur: Author, life-coach, and speaker Beth Buelow understands the struggles introverts have in the largely extroverted business setting. Her podcast is about supporting and empowering those who are introspective and often drained by social interactions. 

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