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Remote video production for Business

Business Video Production has evolved. Now that remote work and distant co-workers are the norm, we have developed a way to provide remote video production services from a distance - Remote Video Production without big budgets and large video production projects.

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Testimonial also captured by a remote producer.

Remote Video Capture

Remote Video Production means remotely capturing and producing high-quality business videos without bringing a film crew to your location.  Now that remote work and distant co-workers are the norm, we have developed a way to provide video production services without big budgets and large video production projects.

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Shot remotely between Atlanta (producer) and Chicago (subject).

Virtual Producers on site during the shoot

With you all of the way – We have the capability to securely control, direct, script, film, and collaborate on impactful video projects within one streamlined platform using minimal equipment or effort on your end.

Remote Video Shoot
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Shot remotely between Atlanta (producer) and Philadelphia (subject).

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Customer Testimonial - LMS Recording Project

Content Monsta remotely recorded and edited an e-learning course for TruEra. Our remote producers worked with instructors and executives to create over 35 videos for their video project.

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Remote Video Services
We use proven methods and tailored gear to simplify the process for you.

With virtual producers, remote-controlled video shoots, teleprompter support, and user-friendly video kits, you’ll gain accessibility and quality business video production without the need for large budgets, making it suitable for projects across your organization, no matter where they are.

Our customers typically spend between $1,200 and $1,900 per finished video. However, with bulk projects or subscriptions, the costs could be even lower.

Depending on the equipment needed, we can start shooting as soon as tomorrow and have a first draft done within a couple of days.

We have carefully crafted user-friendly video kits that can be set up by any executive or assistant. Our producers are with you during the shoot to assist with the equipment. Also, all files are automatically transmitted to our producer so that you do not have to bother with that.

Absolutely! That is our specialty. It doesn’t matter where your people are located – as long as they have an internet connection, we can connect with them for a session.

Conference call video quality is poor and dependent on your internet connection. Our process captures hi-definition video locally first. Later, the full resolution file is uploaded to our producers.


Using a Remote Video Capture platform, we provide white-glove service to manage the complete video production process.

Business Video Production Expertise

Skilled video producers to help direct, record, and collaborate in real time. This allows an expert eye on the entire scene, including the background or distractions.

High Video Production Quality

Consistently film in HD/4K Reliably capture up to 4K video and 1080p screen recordings locally on the respective device regardless of connection, unlike video conferencing platforms.

Lighting and Sound Support Provided

We can ship you our custom lighting and mic kit that is extremely simple to set up, but provides a tremendous improvement in video quality.

Fewer Resources Required

We assist you create high-quality video with fewer people and equipment resources.

What "Remote Video Production" Means

While your producer may sit in another city, they are able to see, hear, and control what is going on during the video shoot. You will have open communication as if we are on site.

Remote Controlled Video Shoot

We can access the advanced features of the subjects computer, tablet, or smartphone to unlock advanced quality features.

Multiple Angles - Multiple Locations

We are able to simultaneously capture multiple angles, cameras, and presenters on disparate devices in multiple locations.

Teleprompter for Scripted Video

We provide a teleprompter and operate it for your on-camera talent during the recording to make sure your message is on point.

Our Remote Video Production Services

Learn about the many ways we can help you scale your video content production.

Remote Producer for Business Video Production

Remote Producer

Our producers work with your video subjects in real-time. They coach delivery, assist with technical setup, and work to get the best content out of every recording session.

Without having a crew come on site, we are still with you, LIVE, every step of the way.

woman recording using the remote video kit from Content Monsta

Remote Studio Lite

We have developed small user-friendly video kits that can be set up in minutes, remotely controlled by our producers, and will increase the quality of your video recording to professional standards.

Keep the kit ready and record studio-quality videos with our producers any time!

woman recording using the professional remote video production kit from Content Monsta

Remote Studio Pro

For a polished in-studio look, even in your office, our Remote Studio Pro kits allow for the highest quality corporate video production.

These kits come fully supplied with teleprompters for professional delivery whenever you need professional video.

self video record request for remote video production

Video Request Service

We'll send a video request link so that your customer, expert, or executive can self-record and have the video automatically uploaded to us.

Scale testimonial, user experience and thought leadership videos by capturing footage from your community and peers in minutes.

Content Monsta brings you these benefits:

  • Experience that is specifically in business video production
  • Have professional video directors and producers at the controls
  • Maintained low production budget, videos that look like they were shot on-site
  • Empowered quicker production, editing to meet fast-paced demands of social platforms
  • Gather video from multiple locations without multiple shoot days
  • Easier yes from high-profile talent who doesn’t have to travel or commit extra time

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Use Cases for Business Video Production


Turbocharge your marketing with on-brand, on-budget video.

From product demos and shoppable social posts to virtual events, video is the most impactful way to connect with customers.

Generate more leads and increase awareness while establishing meaningful connections with your audience through compelling video content. Quickly launch on-brand video initiatives aligned with your goals, while saving money and time, regardless of where your teams are distributed.

With Content Monsta, you can create professional-quality video at scale using the equipment, teams, and workflows you already have on hand.


Reach, engage & retain your employees with video.

From dynamic Q&As and impactful announcements to polished presentations, on-demand video is the best way to authentically engage and align your distributed workforce across time zones, busy schedules, and PTO. Easily, affordably, and securely ensure your message resonates using equipment you already have on hand.

Enhance employee video communications more efficiently by making production low-lift for all participants. Remotely manage video content generated across the organization and control the narrative by using the teleprompter feature. Quickly create and publish videos to convey time-sensitive messaging.


Give every employee the VIP experience they deserve.

From talent prospecting and culture posts to impactful training, video is the best way to consistently deliver an employee experience that wows. Easily, affordably, and sustainably create professional-quality video that delights your team and drives results for today’s modern, distributed workforce.

Make video your competitive advantage.

Provide clear, confident, and effective communications and trainings to internal stakeholders. Sustainably scale video production for globally distributed teams while minimizing the cost and time investment posed by in-person shoots. Position your company as a thought leader while highlighting your culture to attract, retain, and delight top talent.


Produce compelling video content with fewer resources.

From virtual events and client testimonials to electronic press kits (EPKs), video is the most impactful way to connect with your audiences. Content Monsta helps creative teams capture video you’re proud of all over the world.

Multiple content types

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