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Media Content Creation Services for Marketing

Expert Interview with Content Monsta

Thought Leadership Video Content Creation

Build brand while showing the industry expertise of your team. Capture video of company leadership.

Podcast host on Content Monsta

Podcasts - Audio or Video

Create passive content for on-the-go prospects. Invite industry leaders into a conversation to share.

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Conversational Video

Whether a podcast or a one-time conversation, capture authentic conversations that drive engagement.

content marketing strategy

Content Marketing

Being marketers first, we can help you design a content strategy to support your customers' journey.

Customer Testimonials recorded with Content Monsta

Customer Testimonials

We have low-friction and efficient methods of capturing customer video to support your expertise.

Online instructor recorded by Content Monsta

Learning and Training

Create video content for team training, LMS content, and courses.

We are Marketers with expertise in media production and a goal to drive business engagement.

Remote Content Production

Remote Video Capture

No onsite video crews or long planning periods. We create video content of your people - remotely.

Remote Podcast Recording

Have video or audio conversations with anyone in the world. We record and post-produce remotely.

Working with Remote Producers

Experience Seamless Collaboration with Our Expert Remote Producers

How Remote Recording Works

Remote Video Recording and Production with Efficiency, Quality, and Scalability

Podcasts are the Source of Content

Use Podcasting as the Fuel to Your Content Engine

why Our Competitors can't Compete

Marketing Agencies don’t have production expertise.
Content producers don’t understand the needs of marketing teams.

Video Production Companies

Video Content Marketing

In order to create video for marketing, it takes more than an eye for the camera or superb editing techniques. You also have to understand “why” the video is being created and “who” it needs to resonate with. We know how to deliver for marketers because we are led by marketers with executive level experience. Plus, our services are designed with the unique schedules and needs of business people.

Podcast Production Companies

Audio Content Marketing

It’s not about subscribers, listeners, downloads, and the coolest microphone. It’s about how do you attract conversations, relationships, and prospects that drive your business. Podcasts are fuel for relationships and additional marketing content. We make that happen.

Marketing Companies

It Takes Content to Market

We’re a marketing company, but we know our lane. That’s why we partner with other marketing agencies that need help in creating the multimedia content needed to drive campaigns for their clients.

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Riverside with Ann guest and camera contols
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What Our Customers Have to Say

Record Your Experts Wherever They Are

Customer Testimonial - LMS Recording Project

Content Monsta remotely recorded and edited an e-learning course for TruEra. Our remote producers worked with instructors and executives to create over 35 videos for their video project.

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Still Wondering how Content Monsta can help?

Our services are ideal for any business seeking to strengthen their brand through ‘big content’—from startups to established enterprises. If your strategy involves engaging your audience with high-quality podcasts, videos, and multimedia content, we can help.

Our process begins with a deep dive into your brand’s values, goals, and target audience. We work closely with you to craft a content strategy that not only aligns with your brand’s voice but also resonates with your audience and drives engagement.

While our core expertise lies in content creation, we assist with distribution strategies and collaborate with our agency partners who specialize in content promotion to ensure your content gets the visibility it deserves.

Absolutely. We understand that each business has unique needs, so we offer customizable packages that can be tailored to fit your specific content marketing goals and budget.

We bring a strategic marketing perspective to the table, not just technical audiovisual expertise. Our ‘white-glove’ approach means we manage the entire process from concept to delivery, ensuring high-quality content that is both engaging and effective.

Remote video production with us is streamlined and efficient. We use cutting-edge technology to direct, capture, and edit content remotely, which allows for high-quality video production without the need for on-site filming.

Success metrics are established at the start of the project, based on your objectives. We measure engagement, reach, conversion rates, and other relevant KPIs to evaluate the performance of the content and provide insights for future strategies.

We Make Content Our Clients are Proud of.

So, let's Create Content together