The Why and Who of Content Monsta

Content Monsta was founded by a Creative Marketer with the goal of developing an agency with the Business Marketer in mind. Content Monsta is a content marketing, video, and podcast production agency specializing in the production of content that drives business. We want to make the Marketer’s job easier by providing marketing content and strategy that not only drives business but makes the Marketer a rock star. We won’t just create a piece of content and drop it in your lap. We want to become your marketing partner to drive the greatest ROI on any marketing content that we help you create.

We create engaging content and arm it with digital strategy. Our content is made with intent.

We Are Marketers

Every piece of content that we create has the intent to move your consumers. Move them towards doing business with you.

Every piece of content doesn’t need to be a Call to Action, but it should cause an action. Whether an emotion or a click, we believe that the content we create has a purpose. That purpose is to help move your business forward.

We Are Creatives

In order to move your prospects, we have to engage them in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening.

We create Video, Podcasts, and Written content as channels to reach your prospective customers. Everyone consumes content differently, and we aim to create content that meets them where they are and sparks an interest in your brand.

Marketing Strategy


We were born out of the collision of two major skill sets. Digital Marketing and Multimedia production. Our founder alone has 20+ years in both disciplines.

Add to that, the individual specialties of the team and you get a combination of both business and creative experience that few other agencies can provide.


We apply creative vision to multiple forms of media to create innovative paths into the eyes and ears of your audience.

And we don’t stop there. We use our creative cross-disciplines to create content from the content! Our creativity is the backbone of your content ROI.


We don’t create for the sake of making beautiful content. We work with you to make sure that the content is set up to drive results. No random acts of marketing. We help you to make strategic moves with your marketing content.


We believe in helping the Marketing team show up on the bottom line. Sure, we can help you measure the popular marketing metrics, but our experience can also help you make your effort make sense to the CFO on Sales reports.

Your Vision. Our Mission.

We Believe In Driving High ROI for Marketing Efforts

Being founded by a marketer who had to prove his worth to the CEO, we believe that it is important that each piece of content we create has an impact. An impact that lasts beyond the launch. We begin each piece of content with the long game in mind. How can we make this content be impactful for the longest amount of time? We know how to do that.

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Sal Tiedra

Customer Service | Editor

Ben Tompkins

Audio Engineer

Brian Paiz

Media Consultant

Alaina Case

Content Manager

Myron Giggua

Audio Engineer

Colin James

Project Manager

Beverly Judge

Sr. Video Producer

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Our goal is to increase brand awareness and drive business through engaging content and proven marketing strategy.

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