Case Study – Remote Video Production Course Creation

Case Study:
Online Course Creation

TruEra embarked on an ambitious initiative to transform their successful live AI Quality Workshops into an on-demand online format. This endeavor aimed to extend the reach of their engagement campaigns and solidify their position as a thought leader in AI quality.


The transition from live workshops to an on-demand online course was driven by several key objectives:

  • To make their AI Quality Workshop accessible to a wider audience, anytime and anywhere.
  • To maintain the high engagement and interactive quality of live sessions in a digital format.
  • To produce a comprehensive series of over 36 videos that effectively convey complex AI concepts.


TruEra’s AI Quality solutions explain, debug, and monitor machine learning models, leading to higher quality and trustworthiness, as well as faster deployment. Backed by years of pioneering research, TruEra works across the model lifecycle, is independent of model development platforms, and embeds easily into your existing AI stack.


Software Technology

Key Services Used

  • Remote Producers
  • Studio Kits
  • Web-based recording platform
  • Video Editing


Remote Production Complexity: Coordinating multiple remote recording sessions over several weeks, with various presenters in different locations, presented a logistical and technical challenge.

Maintaining Consistency: Ensuring consistent quality and presentation across all videos, despite the varying recording environments and presenter expertise.

Engaging a Technical Audience: Tailoring the content and presentation style to meet the needs of a highly technical audience, ensuring clarity and engagement.

Our Solutions

Content Monsta provided an end-to-end solution tailored to TruEra's needs:

Remote Production Expertise

Leveraged state-of-the-art technology and processes to manage the remote recording sessions efficiently.

On-Camera Coaching

Producers expertly coached the instructors on camera, providing invaluable guidance on delivery and performance to ensure they communicated with clarity and confidence.

Technical and Logistical Support

Coordinated the distribution of recording equipment and provided operational support to ensure smooth recording sessions.

Editing and Post-Production

Focused on creating engaging content tailored for a highly technical audience, maintaining consistency across all videos.


Pre-Production Planning: Worked closely with TruEra on project management and technical details, ensuring a clear understanding of the course’s objectives.

Remote Recording Sessions: Implemented a structured approach to remote recording, providing coaching to presenters to deliver their content effectively.

Post-Production Excellence: Employed meticulous editing techniques to ensure each video met TruEra’s standards, resulting in a cohesive and engaging online course.

Remote Producer for Business Video Production


36+ Videos

Successfully produced a comprehensive suite of over 36 professionally recorded videos, transforming the AI Quality Workshop into an engaging on-demand online course.

Extended Company Reach

Received positive feedback on the effectiveness and accessibility of the online course, significantly extending TruEra’s educational outreach.

High Quality Content

Overcame the challenges of remote video production, ensuring high-quality content delivery across multiple presenters and sessions.

Videos Produced

Remotely recorded and edited.


From planning to delivery of final video.


From 4 different locations across the US

This was a complex, multi-part recording endeavor, and Content Monsta's attention to detail was incredibly important to us. They deeply understood the assignment, working closely with us on all technical details and project management, ensuring that all videos, totaling over 36, were done professionally and effectively. This allowed us to have a comprehensive, well-produced online course.

Barbara Lewis
Chief Marketing Officer at TruEra

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