Realize the value of your Personal Brand

Your Audience Wants More

You have the audience but you are not feeding them your content at a pace to keep up with their consumption. You have a community that wants to be nurtured. Television is a slow and expensive process that involves countless middlemen, contracts, schedules, staff, and production cost. You can’t appear in enough places to reach your entire audience every day.

Solution: We are with you in your day to day to do the production, creative, and promotion work to connect you DIRECTLY to your audience anytime and anywhere you decide to reach them. Speak to your audience with a high level of production and low level of effort.

Selfies Don’t Cut It

Your image is too important and your time is too valuable to be on the phone taking selfies or trying to keep up with a half of dozen social media apps… apps that are always changing. There is an art and science to effective social media use and that is not the business that you are in. Yet, the audience that you have is there waiting for you, hungry to see you. Allow ContentMonsta to bring you and your personal brand to your audience. Quickly, regularly, efficiently, and effectively.

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Place Your Personal Brand On the Radar

Is your personal brand not getting the ATTENTION that it deserves? Reaching mass audiences with Television is a an expensive and quite frankly unlikely venture for most personal brands. Plus, research (and common sense) shows that the attention of the audience you want to reach are looking at their phones more than their televisions. ContentMonsta has the new media expertise to bring your brand to new audiences by simply being your “personal paparazzi” backed by a real-time social marketing machine. We can be right there with you to immediately push your personality through our social media creative and technical machine to reach and build your audience as you live your life.

Your brand is built upon you doing what you do best.

Yet, you are missing out on tons of audience exposure, attention, and money if you are not feeding the personal media machine. Utilizing your time trying to stay on top of the latest social media tactics is a distraction and inefficient use of your time.

Social media marketing is a beast to tame.

It is an ever changing art and science, so let ContentMonsta handle that.

Nurture Your Community of Fans

In order to successfully build a personal brand, social media spaces are to be used as a COMMUNITY, not a marketing platform. ContentMonsta helps you nurture your community to gain their attention and loyalty.

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