Podcasts are one of the easiest and most economical ways to accomplish
God’s Great Commission.

Podcast Production
For Churches and Messages of Faith

Reach New Audiences

With a church podcast, Pastors can reach beyond their known congregation and extend their ministry, delivering God’s message to new audiences every day on a global level.

If you are already recording your sermons, then you are already halfway to creating engaging podcasts episodes of your message.

Here is how we can help you reach a global audience with your message:

Step 1: You send us your completed audio ready for distribution. If you need us to create a custom intro and closing for each episode, we can do that too.

Step 2: We give your audio a quick check for quality and then prepare it for distribution.

Step 3: We distribute your audio and it is available on all major podcast platforms within hours.

Why are podcasts so popular for listeners?

  • New podcast episodes can be automatically delivered to your audience
  • Rather than loading another app, millions of listeners find podcasts through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Alexa, and more
  • Podcasts can be listened to in real-time rather than having to tune in at a certain hour
  • No internet connection is required because episodes can be stored on your device
  • Smart home and auto devices can play your favorite podcasts on-demand

Why are podcasts so popular for churches?

  • Podcast creators can grow a fan base outside of their known audience
  • Podcasts are not App dependent – they can be easily shared and played
  • Podcasts appear in Google search results – improving your church’s visibility
  • They are highly shareable – the whole podcast or a single episode
    You own the content and decide when it is distributed

We Distribute Your Podcast Everywhere!
Here are just a few of the many places where your podcast will be available…

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