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Is Clubhouse Voice Chat Ready for Content Marketing? Voice Is In Business.

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If you’ve walked through the halls of Clubhouse voice chat, you know a new era of voice chat services is here, and it feels like humanity has stumbled onto the next big thing. Maybe you’re already addicted to it – it’s happening.

One of the first voice chat apps to go viral has been Clubhouse. It’s on every marketer’s tongue, and the big question is ‘Just how much can we push our content with this new app?’ Especially without a visual element, and as of this writing, not even any linking except to Instagram and Twitter.

Granted, marketers know that there are many entertaining and unexplored prospects on Clubhouse, but we need to get a clear picture of what Clubhouse is before we get into details.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new and upcoming social network that is entirely audio-based. That’s right – no text, no video, just good radio conversation like the old days. 

Imagine it this way, you’re invited to a networking cocktail party, but you don’t need to do your hair, make-up or wear a fancy little number that’s going to leave a mark in your account. And you can talk to anyone – CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs you name it. That’s Clubhouse!

For now, it works on an invite-only basis as it’s undergoing beta testing, but there are high hopes that the developers will roll it out to the general public. After you get your invite, you have the freedom to jump from one voice chat room to another as you see fit. 

You either join the chat rooms to listen along or ask questions and potentially become a speaker, so there’s no pressure to participate. However, content marketers will want to be in on the action a good percentage of the time.

The Wave of Voice Chat Services is Here

Led by Clubhouse, there is a wave of voice chat apps on the way; Twitter being the second to the party.

It recently rolled out voice-based chat rooms dubbed Twitter Spaces. The hosts of the spaces can send invites via DMs or links after which they can control who speaks during the conversation.

While they are still in their testing phase as well, it’s showing that voice chat rooms will continue making a presence in 2021 and people looking to grow their businesses are keeping a lookout. For instance,

Content Marketers are already on Clubhouse.

Content marketers have already hopped on the train to club, well, Clubhouse. They are currently working towards building networks with people who they wouldn’t have had the chance to talk to in real life. And you can too.

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How People Are Content Marketing on Clubhouse

Armed with their voice as their only weapon, content marketers have had to polish their storytelling skills to make a footprint on the app. Some of the methods that have been successful so far are:

1. They, the people on Clubhouse, are Being the Content Through Their Sharing of Experiences

With chat rooms having 100, 200 or 300+ people, it’s important to be confident enough to talk about who you are and to contribute positively to discussions. In the space, people you talk to will judge you purely based on how knowledgeable and amicable you sound since they only see your avatar. 

Marketers are using this to share what they’ve learned along the way, so people who relate to them make them their connections. This allows them to schedule a meeting with those connections in private chat rooms if they are a potential lead or investor.

2. People Are Sharing their Area of Expertise

The chat rooms are also the best places to share the field you work in even though it’s already on your bio. For networking to actually work, people need to get a clear idea of what you’re well versed in. 

This has helped marketers build a circle of those in their niche where they can score specific tips from established content creators.

Once they get the right people following them, marketers are breaking into private chats to further discuss their projects and potential collaborations with persons of interest.

Here is where they share more about the content they create and their solutions without the fear of sounding like they’re monopolizing the discussion. 

4. People are Creating Clubs and Moderating Rooms

On Clubhouse, marketers are also creating rooms where they are the moderators. It means that they can control who they pick as a speaker, thus allowing them to pick individuals who will make the conversation more interesting and draw in more participants.

The longer people listen in, the more inclined they’ll be to click the follow button on Clubhouse and other socials.

Nothing is off the table with Clubhouse. Content marketers are creating clubs to get feedback about business ideas they have or to generate new and fresh ideas. 

Here, they’ll not just know if people like something. They’ll be able to engage in a back and forth about why they like it and if they’ve tried it out in their sector.

6. People are Capitalizing on ‘Celebrity Presence’

Clubhouse first rose to fame because of its ‘exclusivity’. The slow-rolling out of this app attracted many influential people like Oprah Winfrey and Mark Cuban, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The rooms are like conference rooms that go on for hours with these surprise experts (and even celebrities) popping in all the time. For marketers, this is akin to hitting the jackpot, if they play their cards right. 

Being accorded a chance to speak or ask a question in high energy rooms with these influential people is usually their chance to give people a sneak peek of what they have to offer- just enough to get people wondering who they are.

Clubs are like non-stop industry conferences. There’s a constant stream of information flowing some of which we pay hundreds of dollars for in masterclasses. 

You can click in and out of as many chat rooms as you want if your target is to grow a following off the app. Instead of sharing business cards like in regular conferences, share your Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram handles, the works!

The voice chats phase has just begun regardless of whether Clubhouse catches on. As a marketer, you should be ready to snatch up any opportunity for exposure that comes your way, and that means warming up those vocal cords if need be.

That said, should you get on Clubhouse with the purpose of Marketing? …NO.

But should you get on Clubhouse and market while you are there? …Yes.

The app could quite possibly change how we interact after the Covid-19 cloud passes because of the easy-going yet inclusive communication that it allows us. And of course, a lot of business is getting done on there. Don’t miss out.

Follow me on Clubhouse @ALeeJudge and if you’re not on Clubhouse, I just might have an invite left for you! Connect with me on LinkedIn to see if I can hook you up!