The Client:

Cohesive Solutions is a Premier IBM Maximo Business Partner that specializes in Enterprise Asset Management and Asset Performance Management.


The Objective:

The objective of the project was to add video content to their marketing mix that shared the company’s message utilizing both company leaders and strategic partners. The goal was to capture 6 interviews for 5 complete videos and enough footage to repurpose for future use.


To date, 8 videos have be produced from the content gathered at the partner event.

“The guidance on our video projects really got us to the next level of sharing our company's message. Videography is an involved media, requires sophisticated equipment and the ability to direct people's energy while 'in the moment'. Lee is a consummate professional and managed to help all of our interviewees feel settled and relaxed while on camera. With his skills, we created great videos that are an intricate part of our marketing mix.”

~Maureen Cole
Marketing Director at Cohesive Solutions, Inc.

How We Did It:

Working with the Cohesive Solutions marketing team we were able to utilize the gathering of company leaders and strategic partners during a conference event.

The shoot location was established in a hotel suite and with some creative furniture moving, we were able to capture 2-3 different angles to give the interviews some variation when edited together.  The subjects where interviewed by Cohesive marketing, while Content Monsta staff gave guidance and coaching in order to comfort interviewees and get the most natural responses captured.  After the initial production delivery, three additional pieces of full length video content was able to be created from the captured footage.

Video Examples from the Project