How to Create 1,000 Pieces of Quality Content in 1 Day

In Business by A. Lee Judge

I’m about to teach you how to 1,000x your content creation and easily create over 1,000 pieces of quality content! You’ll be a Content Monsta at Content Creation.

It is still true…Content is King, Video is the Queen, and we all know who runs the Castle.

This fact is a hint to what I’m about to show you.

With so many content consumption channels, lighting fast media feeds multiple personas, and varying attention spans – no doubt it’s a challenge for businesses to keep up with the demand to create content.

Today, every business from the Fortune 500 to your Local Deli has to become a media company in order to survive.

Yes, you have to create content. Hold onto your seat!

Here is an example of “How you can easily make over 1,000 pieces of quality content”

  • First, you sit down with a thought leader or expert in your organization for a 30-minute conversation from which you capture 15 minutes of value packed video.
  • You take that video and turn it into 15 one-minute (or less) video clips that you then customize for each of 3 channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Your website, Twitter, etc)
  • Then you also transcribe the full video into a blog post. Wait one week and post excerpts to 3 other locations like Medium, LinkedIn, even a newsletter.
  • Now, from the full blog post, you extract 10 social snippets for use on at least 3 social channels each.
  • Take those 30 posts and schedule them to run no less than 3 more times over the next 6 months.
  • Now, suppose you actually had done 6 interviews that day instead of only one?
  • That’s 6 X 170 pieces of content which equal over 1,000 pieces of content!

Now you are a Content Monsta! That was easy right?

Well, if not you know who to call.

Contact a Content Monsta today for a free consultation on how your business can 1000x its content production.

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