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When it’s time to make your podcast look official, you need to add the official “Listen On” podcast buttons to your podcast page.
Below you will find a few of the most popular podcast buttons that you an add below your podcast player, on your podcast website page, or in other widgets on your website.

Be sure to link them to your unique podcast location on that platform.

Apple podcasts

Apple Podcasts Button

Apple Podcasts (.zip with .eps and .svg) – US version

Visit the website for the badge and logo guidelines, localized versions in other languages, and other details.


Spotify Podcasts

Spotify (.zip with .eps, .png and .svg)

You can also find the .zip file in the Spotify For Podcasters dashboard under the Share tab if you have a show submitted there.

Start Your Own Podcast with a little help from a friend... Us.

We get it. You’re ready to get your voice heard – without spending too much time or money.

Maybe you’re not ready for the full “podcast agency” treatment, but you could use a hand getting your podcast to the world in a professional way.

Here’s a budget friendly podcast service designed exactly for you.


Amazon (multiple languages and formats with .png and .psd)

Website with additional promotion ideas and guidelines.

Podcast Content Creation Services

Our full-service podcast production provides a turnkey approach to building your audience … from recording to distribution. You bring you and we’ll do the rest!


A LIVE producer will connect online with you and your remote guests to record studio-quality audio and video.
  • Remote recording
  • Recording platform provided
  • Isolated audio for each speaker
  • Real-time assistance with recording


Professional editors will review and edit the podcast or video for the greatest impact and engagement.
  • Remove mistakes and select retakes
  • Clean background noises
  • Add voice-overs and audio segments
  • Optimize each speaker track separately


We publish your content on all major digital media consumer platforms.
  • Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more
  • Formated and Edited for Youtube
  • SEO optimized meta-data and descriptions
  • Optimize each speaker track separately


Multiply your content output into social media shorts, written text, and more.
  • Verticle micro-video shorts
  • Mid-sized YouTube highlights
  • Audiogram podcast social snippets
  • Human transcriptions for text content
  • Written blog articles from content