Creating podcast content with Content Monsta is easy. Our goals is to provide white-glove content production that makes content creation easy for you and your team. To help you make a decision for your next step, we’ve answered some of the questions that our other clients have asked before becoming our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Podcasting with Content Monsta

We use remote recording platforms that allow all participants to meet online. The audio and video for each individual are temporarily captured on the participant’s computer and then uploaded to our producers. This way, no content is altered, filtered, or compressed before being captured. Our producers get a high-quality file for each individual.

Having participants in different locations is like having each person recording in their own isolation booth. We capture each person’s audio separately and can create a professional mix of all voices in our studio. We can even remove that dog bark or lawnmower on the other person’s track so that it never makes it into the final recording!

No. We can send you a podcast kit. Our podcast kits contain all of the equipment that you need to capture studio quality audio. We use and test a lot of equipment so we are able to make the most dependable and quality suggestions. Plus, it helps our producers know exactly what equipment you are using on your end. If you prefer to buy your own equipment and need some guidance, we are happy to help as well.

From the idea to the promotion and every production element in between.

  • We help you develop your podcast vision – including your goals, target audience, and show format.
  • Then we develop the artwork, audio introduction, and outro to add to your podcast.
  • We match you with one of our producers to meet with you and your guests on recording sessions.
  • We mix and master your audio. We distribute the audio to major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.
  • We create promotional content like audiograms and social posts.
  • We provide analytics on how your show is doing.
  • We can even help you book guests!

How’s that for Full Service?

Absolutely. Some of our clients start out by creating an audio series with a fixed number of episodes. In most cases, however, they begin seeing business results and keep the show going. Either way, we can make the podcast available on all of the major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Two words… Passive Consumption.  And two more… Readily Available.

Podcasts can be listened to while doing other things such as working out, walking, cooking, or resting. Podcasts are automatically delivered to the follower’s device each time a new episode is available.

Two more words… Pillar Content.

Podcasts can create tons of additional content from each episode. The conversational aspect of podcasts creates great content that can be transcribed into written text. A lot of written text!

A 30-minute podcast averages over 4,000 words. That 4x the length of most written blogs. This can give your website a nice SEO boost. We can schedule social posts out for an entire year using the sound bites and quotes from a single episode. This compounds into a lot of content as more episodes are released and repurposed into social content.

Less than two weeks. Before launch, the key elements that must take place are: Production of Intro and Outro audio segments, creating the podcast cover art, setting up hosting, and recording the first two episodes. All of this can be done in less than two weeks depending on requirements and approvals from the podcast owner.

Low quality. Conference call platforms like Zoom degrade the quality of audio and video in order to transmit the audio or video over the internet. Automatic noise suppression and crosstalk filters are applied that makes conversations sound muddy and muffled. We have grown accustomed to this low quality on a conference call, but podcast listeners find this unpleasant and unprofessional.

We capture everyone’s audio and video locally on their computer before transmitting the high-quality file to our producers. We never record content through the internet. We only send completed high-quality recordings.

Even poor internet quality will not hinder the quality of the audio or video captured.

Sorry, our services are designed to help businesses grow their brand and attract customers. We work primarily with marketing teams and executives to create content with a business purpose. We do create a lot of content that will help you along your podcast journey though. So subscribe to our email list and you’ll surely gain some knowledge about building your own podcast.

Traditionally, podcasts are audio-first content. Many podcasters do turn on their cameras and record their podcast sessions. This video can then be posted to YouTube or your website. We use the term “audio-first” because capturing quality audio is the top priority. Having a video of the session is a bonus.

If you want to also produce a video series or “vodcast”, we can capture high-quality video as well to help you create video content from your podcast session. This is an additional service where we are able to edit the video for the best presentation on video platforms.

Yes. Seeing people on camera recording their audio podcasts has become very popular. We can capture and edit video of your podcast recording session and create a video series. Video podcasts, or “Vodcasts,” are very different from traditional podcasts in that they are not distributed directly to follower’s devices, nor are they for passive consumption – two of the greatest benefits of audio podcasts.

Video podcasts are great for your YouTube channel and can generate many pieces of engaging social media clips. This is a separate service from our audio podcasting services. Contact us for more information if you would like to regularly capture video.