Thought Leadership Video Creation Service

Thought Leadership Video Content Creation for Business

Our process enables you to capture original thought leadership video content from busy executives. No matter where they are in the world.

As a subscription service, we’ll help you consistently generate engaging content unique to your brand.

Here's What You Can Achieve

Using our tailored Video-as-a-Service Approach

Accelerate Growth and Business Opportunities

Thought leadership videos can attract potential clients, investors, and collaborators who are drawn to the brand's demonstrated expertise and vision.

Amplify Influence and Thought Leadership

Influence discussions within your industry, contributing valuable insights and leading conversations on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Enhanced Brand Visibility and Authority

By sharing valuable knowledge and perspectives, executives can position themselves and their companies as authoritative leaders in their field.

Engage Deeper with Target Audiences

Videos serve as a platform for executives to directly address your audience's pain points, interests, and curiosities, creating a deeper emotional and intellectual engagement.

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How It Works


We arrange two personalized 1-hour recording sessions monthly.

We use the best remote recording platforms available to capture quality video and audio. While much more high tech, it will be as easy to the executive as any other conference call.


We conduct comprehensive interviews to capture your unique insights.

Whether pre-planned questions or simply a planned topic, we’ll extract original thoughts and insights through our interview process.


We apply professional post-production for impactful storytelling.

We select and edit the best moments to project the thought leader in their best form. Their value and knowledge is highlighted for your audience.


We generate long form expert videos and multiple social videos monthly.

Long form (2-3 minute) and short-form social videos designed to reach your audience for impact and influence.

Need a video kit to improve your look? We have desktop video kits designed for quick and easy setup. This small kit is built for the busy executive and greatly improves video quality.

Key Video as a Service Features

on camera coaching

Our experienced video coaches are in each recording session to help the executive look and perform well on camera.

advanced editing and production

Beyond automation and simple editing, our producers examine each clip to optimize the look, tone, emotion, audio and more.

content output designed

Our goal is to maximize the ROI on content production. This means understanding where your content will live, as well as which formats to output content for best reach and engagement.

flexible scheduling

Executives are hard to pin down for interviews. We get it. For this reason we have designed an easy to manage scheduling process and customer service to help reschedule when needed.

self recorded remote video produced
Remote Producer for Business Video Production

Choose your perfect plan

It’s a matter of how fast you want to grow your brand and authority.

Executive Video Starter

$ 1600
Per Month
  • 1 Recording Session
  • 1 Long Form Video
  • 4 Social Videos
  • Editing and Branding
  • On Camera Coaching
Content Boost

Business Brand Builder

$ 2400
Per Month
  • 2 Recording Sessions
  • 2 Long Form Videos
  • 8 Social Videos
  • Editing and Branding
  • On Camera Coaching
  • Interview Writing Assistance
Biz Growth

Need a more customized approach for your Enterprise-Level business?

More than just video production

Social media clips

Get video clips designed for social media - TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and whatever's next. Vertical, square, captions, or without. We've got you.

Unlimited edits

Our goal is to make your thought leader or executive shine, but sometimes a few tweaks are needed to land the message. We plan for it and allow unlimited revisions. We'll work until it's right - within reason of course.


Get word for word text transcripts of your content. Great for creating blogs, pulling quotes for social, or cataloging for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thought Leadership Video Production

Marketing is at the heart of our business. We know how to integrate with your existing strategy and can show you ways to boost your content marketing to achieve a greater ROI.

Our thought leadership video services are designed to  create additional content beyond the video itself. We can help you multiply this content into written and social content. Even audio.

No, you don’t need to worry about sourcing your own equipment. We provide desktop or standing recording kits designed for easy setup and use, ensuring you achieve better video quality with less guesswork for a professional look. These kits are shipped on demand and are tailored to the specific needs of your shoot. This service is part of our commitment to making high-quality video production accessible and stress-free, allowing you to focus on delivering your message while we handle the technical details.

Remote video production  involves capturing and producing high-quality business videos remotely, which means that there is no need for a film crew to come to your location. This approach fits well with the modern trend of remote work and can be particularly advantageous for businesses looking to produce content without the logistical challenges and expenses of traditional on-site video production.

Video as a Service is a subscription model that allows you to create and scale your video production on demand. We manage the platforms, technology, producers, editors, scheduling, and video production to provide a turn-key video product.

Absolutely. Customization and adherence to your brand identity are paramount in our video production process. We ensure every video aligns with your company’s branding guidelines, from logo placement and color schemes to the tone of voice and messaging style. Our goal is to create videos that feel like an extension of your brand, maintaining consistency and reinforcing your brand identity across all marketing materials.

Yes, we offer strategic guidance on distributing and promoting your thought leadership videos across various platforms to maximize their reach and engagement. Our expertise in digital marketing enables us to advise on best practices for video SEO, social media sharing, email marketing inclusion, and other effective distribution channels, ensuring your content reaches and resonates with your intended audience.

Our services are highly scalable to meet the evolving needs of your brand. We have clients creating over 30 videos per month – and we can accommodate even more.

Whether you’re looking to increase the volume of video content, expand into different types of video marketing such as product demos or customer testimonials, or target new audiences, we have the flexibility and resources to support your growth. Our approach is to partner with you long-term, adapting our services to your changing requirements and scaling up as your brand grows.

Client Testimonials

"Content Monsta's attention to detail was incredibly important to us. They deeply understood the assignment, working closely with us on all technical details and project management, ensuring that all videos, totaling over 36, were done professionally and effectively.”
Barbara Lewis
“A lot of people have commented on how great it sounds, “high quality.”
Brittney Upman
ShoreView Industries
“We could not have had the quality or success we’ve experienced on our podcast without our partner, Content Monsta.”
Don Sena
Consumer Track

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