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Effective Podcast Formats for Brands and Individuals with Bernie Borges

In The Business of Marketing Podcast by A. Lee Judge

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In this episode, A. Lee Judge and Bernie Borges, Vice President of Global Content Marketing for iQor, discuss the effective podcast formats for brands and individuals. They cover various topics like recruiting the right guests, effective interviewing techniques, promoting a podcast, and leveraging it for B2B business development.

Bernie shares his experience hosting two different podcasts, while Lee provides tips to improve the reach and engagement of a podcast. They also talk about editing approaches to maintain a natural conversation flow while avoiding long breaks, and the importance of subscription and website promotion for maximum engagement.

Conversation points:

  • Tips to improve podcast reach and audience engagement
  • Benefits of networking with other podcasters
  • Editing techniques for podcast spacing
  • Podcast formats and effective interviewing techniques
  • Platforms for advertising podcasts and turning guests into prospective clients
  • Editing content and the importance of a website for SEO
  • Subscription for a podcast and distinguishing solo shows, interview-style podcasts, and narrative format

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