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OpenReel vs – Which is the Best Remote Video Recording Platform?

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Around 2019 we began studying online video recording platforms to allow us to remotely capture, manage, and edit high-quality video projects. As a content production company, we were looking for ways to expand our video production services beyond geographical boundaries – so, web-based video recording platforms became our focus.

We had already achieved success in recording audio remotely (primarily for our podcast customers) and had experience with several platforms recording clients from around the world. Now, however, the bar was raised. We needed to capture quality video with the same remote process.

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The challenge was to make sure that we could achieve the same video quality through remote video production as we could by bringing a video crew into a customer’s business space. We tested many remote video recording platforms and determined the best two options for us and our clients’ needs.

Which remote video recording platforms are the best?

When examining the best remote video recording platforms, it’s essential to note that their performance highly depends on the original intent behind their creation. For instance, those platforms initially established with a primary focus on audio content tend to perform better in handling audio. The same applies to platforms created with a video-first approach; they generally outperform others in video recording and management

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Despite these platforms being equipped to handle both video and audio content remotely, the excellence in their performance can still be traced back to their initial development direction. Simply put, an audio-focused platform may have added video functionalities later on, but the quality might not match their audio capabilities, as it wasn’t their primary development focus.

Conversely, platforms created with a video-first approach, despite having audio capture abilities, may not deliver the same quality of audio, as they are still refining their audio capabilities to match their video performance.

After testing multiple platforms, we identified two leaders in the space. One platform was distinctively superior in remote video capturing, having been built with a primary focus on video. The other platform showed exceptional strength in audio, tracing back to its origins in audio content handling.

To further enhance the quality of both video and audio on these platforms, we have engaged in discussions with their product teams, providing suggestions to improve those areas that aren’t as robust as they could be.

Which remote video recording platforms do we use?

The two platforms that we prefer to work with are and

OpenReel is a company that began with a focus on video. As a leader in remote video capture and production, they provide us with great tools to remotely coach our video subjects and capture high-quality video.

They still have some room to develop regarding audio quality, but since their launch, they have had tremendous improvements in the quality of their audio capture. I’ll share my opinions on that in a moment.

The leader in remote audio capture, in our opinion, is We record all of our clients’ podcasts there. This isn’t the first platform that we used or tested, but it is one that we have found the most stable and has gotten the best feedback from our clients.

When it comes to video, there are a few weaker areas compared to OpenReel so after this overview of the two I’ll share with you what those are at the time of this article.

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Here is an overview of OpenReel and remote video capture platforms:

OpenReel is a video technology platform

OpenReel is a video technology platform designed to simplify and streamline the video production process. It enables us to assist businesses and organizations to remotely capture, manage, and edit high-quality video content using an intuitive software interface. OpenReel can be particularly beneficial in several ways:

OpenReel is a video technology platform

Cost-effective video production:

OpenReel eliminates the need for expensive equipment, large crews, and on-site filming. With its remote capabilities, we can create professional-quality videos at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Easy collaboration:

OpenReel allows us to work with your team from various locations, making it easy to collaborate on video projects. The platform’s cloud-based storage ensures that our post-production team has access to the latest video files and edits.

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Efficient remote filming:

With OpenReel, we can direct and record videos remotely using smartphones, tablets, or other camera-equipped devices. The platform’s patented technology ensures that we can capture high-quality video and audio without the need for bringing a camera crew into our customer’s space.

Increased content output:

By making video production more accessible and efficient, OpenReel enables us to help companies create more video content. This increased output can help boost our clients’ marketing efforts, engage customers, and improve internal communications.

User Generated Content (UGC):

OpenReel allows our producers to setup video session templates, complete with teleprompters, that allow users to record video of themselves on their own and on their own time. This User Generated Content is then automatically stored in the cloud for our producers to edit later.


OpenReel’s technology is designed to scale with project needs, making it a suitable solution for business projects of all sizes. As your video production requirements grow, OpenReel allows us to accommodate our clients’ expanding needs.

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Summary of OpenReel video technology platform:

OpenReel’s technology is designed to scale with project needs, making it a suitable solution for business projects of all sizes. As your video production requirements grow, OpenReel allows us to accommodate our clients’ expanding needs.

When it comes to large video projects with various types of recording scenarios, we prefer OpenReel. We’ve also found that when recording screen captures, the video quality of screens is much higher than most other platforms. This is very important when we assist clients in recording training courses and tutorials of their software offerings. is an audio-first online recording platform is a browser-based platform designed to help our producers and customers record, produce, and manage high-quality video and audio content, such as podcasts and interviews. It’s particularly useful for remote recordings, as it allows for the capture of separate audio and video tracks from each participant. can benefit your company in several ways:

High-quality video and audio: records video in up to 4K resolution and audio in WAV format, ensuring that your content is crisp, clear, and professional. The platform records each participant’s audio and video locally, minimizing issues caused by poor internet connections and ensuring the best possible quality.

Easy remote collaboration: enables your team to record video content remotely, allowing for collaboration between team members in different locations. The platform also offers features such as screen sharing and live chat, making it easy to communicate and collaborate during recordings.

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Streamlined editing process:

With separate audio and video tracks for each participant, it allows our producers to easily edit and mix content, producing polished videos and podcasts. Having isolated video and audio files for each participant opens the doors to the editing creativity that our clients need.

Integration with popular tools: integrates with various third-party tools and platforms, making it easy to incorporate your recorded content into your existing workflows. We can export your recordings to editing software such as Adobe Premier for our professional editors to continue the editing process.

Summary of audio-first online recording platform is a versatile and user-friendly platform for producing high-quality video and audio content remotely. Its focus on quality, ease of collaboration, and compatibility with popular tools make it a valuable asset for our production team to create and distribute engaging content, such as podcasts and video interviews.

When audio is our top priority and we do not need to manipulate professional camera settings from our side, Riverside is the tool of choice.

With Riverside we’ve seen a much smoother upload process than with other platforms, even dealing with corporate firewalls and slower computers.

How does compare to for remote video production? 

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OpenReel and are both useful platforms for remote video production, but they cater to slightly different needs and offer distinct features. Here’s a comparison of the two platforms in terms of remote video production:

Video quality and recording:

OpenReel: Focuses on high-quality remote video capture using smartphones, tablets, or other camera-equipped devices. Its patented technology ensures professional-quality video and audio. Records high-quality video in up to 4K resolution and audio in WAV format. It captures local recordings for each participant, ensuring minimal quality loss due to poor internet connections.

Collaboration and remote control:

OpenReel: Allows teams to collaborate remotely, with a director overseeing the filming process in real-time. The platform enables remote control of the camera, including focus, exposure, and framing adjustments. This is the big differentiating factor for Facilitates remote collaboration by allowing multiple participants to join a recording session. It includes features like screen sharing and live chat to enhance communication during the session.

Editing and post-production:

OpenReel: Offers an intuitive editing interface for trimming, stitching, and editing footage, as well as adding titles, captions, and graphics. Provides separate audio and video tracks for each participant, simplifying the editing and mixing process. The platform also includes automatic post-production tools, such as noise reduction.

Our experience, use cases and focus with these remote video recording platforms:


OpenReel is our tool of choice when we work with businesses and organizations looking to create professional-quality videos with remote teams. It’s well-suited for marketing, internal communications, and other corporate video needs. It allows us to operate the video equipment remotely and have greater control over the video recording process. We typically do more audio post-production work to make the audio sound as good as the video looks.

The biggest difference with OpenReel is that it provides the ability for our producers to remotely control camera features. This is a unique feature of this platform. is our tool of choice when we work with podcasters, interviewers, and content creators who need high-quality audio and video for remote recordings. Its audio capture is unrivaled therefore it is ideal for podcasts, interviews, and video discussions. The only limitation that we face is that we have less control over the video equipment and quality during the video production process.

When audio is the first priority, Riverside is our clear choice.

Conclusion on OpenReel vs remote recording platforms

Both OpenReel and are valuable tools for remote video production, but their focus and features differ. OpenReel is more tailored towards remote control of video production and creating professional-quality content, while is geared towards high-quality audio and video recordings for podcasting and interviews. 

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