Personal Brand for Executives

Content Creation for the Executive Personal Brand

In Blog by A. Lee Judge

No matter how high you’ve climbed the Executive ladder, change will come. Whether it be voluntary or involuntary, you need to be ready to address it on your own terms.

How do you do that? By having a strong personal brand that exhibits how you as an individual are a tremendous value. A brand that stands strong even when not associated with a particular company or organization.

There is no colder feeling than waking up one morning and realizing that your perceived value was only because of the company that you worked for rather than for your value as an individual. When this happens, the phone stops ringing the day you leave the company.

After you’ve answered the questions that give you clarity on your personal brand and its goals, here is a content plan to begin building an arsenal of personal brand content to make and keep you top-of-mind.

First – Start with broad base personal brand content.

When you do the thing that has driven you to success, those actions alone are great content. When you talk about your area of expertise, this is knowledge that people want to hear.

Document it! Capture it while it happens. This concept is called “Document over Create”. Document what you do and the creation of content can be derived from what you do. This is your broad base content.

Examples of broad base content include:


Video – The absolute best and easiest broad base content is captured in video. Video is the best because it naturally contains content of Words (for blogs and quotes), Voice (for podcasts), Images (for social), and of course the complete video for episodes, clips, and sharing.

Speaking Engagements – Another broad base type of content can consist of capturing audio and slide decks from speaking engagements or presentations. The audio can contribute to podcasts, photos and slides from the event can be paired with quotes, and the text from the presentation can be restructured into long form blog posts and socialized articles.

Existing Book/Publication – While this resource may not be available to most at the on-start, if there is already a book in publication (or even draft), this document serves as a base of content that can be restructured into regular blog posts, shareable articles, quotables to be added to images, and more.

Next – Dissect and repurpose.

Now that you have all of this awesome base content, what do you do with it? You chop, slice, edit, re-edit, repurpose, and republish this content to fit every communication medium that reaches your audience.

Here is an example content “Dissection and Distribution Plan” used by Content Monsta.

Content Monsta Personal Brand Content PlanFor example, it’s possible that for every one-five minutes of video you capture, this amount of content could potentially be generated:

  • 1 video episode for Youtube
  • 1 video post on LinkedIn
  • 1 video on your Blog
  • 1 Podcast short
  • 1 Long form blog post for your website
  • 1 Long form Article for LinkedIn
  • 1 Short form post on LinkedIn pointing to your website
  • 1 Short form post on Facebook pointing to your website
  • 5 segments for Facebook ads
  • 10 Instagram video clips
  • 20 images with quotes from the video for LinkedIn
  • 20 images with quotes from the video for Facebook
  • 20 images with quotes from the video for Instagram

And on, and on, and on!!!!

PLUS: If any of this content is evergreen (meaning that it’s not easily dated) – It can be used over and over, mixed in with the new content being created, giving you exponential growth in your content delivery!

Now that you know that needs to be done. How do you do it?

If you are truly the successful business person, these will be your obstacles:

  • Time
  • Creative Software Skills
  • Consistency

All three of these are crucial to pull of what is needed in order to create the content necessary for building the size of personal brand that you are shooting for. If you or your staff don’t have these skills or resources down to a science, there are personal content production companies that can help. Most of the best known personal brands did not do it by themselves. They have “people”, and you can too.

We hope to see you at the top of your audience’s time line! Good luck!