You’ve been invited to be a guest on a podcast. We are here to help you and your host get the best sound recording for the podcast.

Here are some pointers that will help you get prepared ahead of time and make the recording process as smooth as possible.

Important Do’s and Don’ts

Computer Requirements:

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Follow these tips to ensure that you easily connect and sound amazing!

Please Do:

Test Your Internet Speed

We recommend a minimum of a at least 5 Mbps upload and download, preferably 10 Mbps+
Check your internet speed here.

Connect Your Mic and Headphones BEFORE entering the session.

Headphones are highly recommended to eliminate echo. Your host and other guests will appreciate it. Plus better audio can be captured when everyone wears headphones. In order to prevent audio leakage to the mic, please keep your earphone volume turned down to a low but comfortable setting.

Microphone - A separate External Microphone is preferred. Internal (laptop) microphones will work, but external microphones are recommended to record quality audio. If necessary, earbud/mic combos will also work, but please avoid using Airpods, wireless, or Bluetooth devices when possible.

Use ONLY a Google Chrome browser

Other browsers are not currently supported. Close all other tabs and programs during the session.
If you organization does not allow you to use a Chrome browser, please let your host or producer know before your session.

google chrome

Please Don't:

Do not use a phone or mobile device to record

In order to join a session, you will first need to make sure the app is downloaded. The iOS App can be found on the Apple App Store here. Once downloaded, you can click on the Riverside guest invite link that your host has provided.
This will open the app and ask for permission to access both your mic and camera. Permissions will need to be granted for both. You can choose to disable your microphone or camera prior to joining the session.
Once you have entered your name, you will be able to join the session!

Do Not Use a Private or Incognito Browser Window

Do not connect through an incognito window or in private browsing mode.

Do Not Open other Tabs or Programs During the Session

Please close all other browser tabs and programs to insure that your computer is running optimally for the session.

System Requirements

Operating System

Computer Specs

Memory (RAM)

8GB+ of RAM (Very Important for Video!) – Please use a computer that has at least 8GB of memory installed.

Storage Space

10GB+ of Hard Drive storage space

Check Your Specs - Mac / Apple

Check Your Specs - Windows PC

  • Check your storage space on Windows
    • Go to Setting > System > Storage. Or simply type Storage into the Windows search bar.

Web Browser

Please use an up-to-date version of one of these browsers:

Open the session in a regular window or tab, not in incognito mode or private mode.

Inputs and Outputs (Audio Settings in Your Computer)

It is very important to configure your default Input and Output audio BEFORE connecting to the podcast studio session.

Input Settings:

  • Select the microphone that you are using and select it so that it becomes the default.
  • Adjust the input to around 75%.
  • Test your voice level with a few out-loud laughs to make sure that you do not peak the levels above 75% of the audio meter.
  • Click Here for image of Windows computer settings 
Select your mic for podcasting

Output Settings:

  • In your Sound Output settings select the location of where your headphones are attached to.
  • If you are connecting your headphones to a USB microphone, or you are using a headset with mic, then your output device will be the same as your input.
  • Click Here for image of Windows computer settings 
Mac output settings for podcasting

Connecting to the Recording Session

Open the link provided to you by the host in a Chrome web browser.

Before Joining – Choose Your Devices:

  1. Choose your Mic (Audio Input device) *Grant microphone access if requested
  2. Select your camera (if you want to be seen)
  3. Choose how to listen (Output listening device)

Join the Studio

  1. Enter your name
  2. Indicate if you are using headphones
  3. Click “Join Studio”
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That’s it! Now let’s create some great content!