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How to Write a Podcast Intro, Outro, and Description

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It’s time to introduce your podcast to the world, but first, you have to write that intro, outro, and description. It’s an exciting time!

You have a podcast idea, you are committed to the launch, and now it’s time to tell the world what your show is about. Well, there are three key items that you must place in writing first before you get to the audio.

  • Your Intro – What will you or your voice-over artist say at the beginning of each episode?
  • Your Outro – How will each show be closed?
  • Podcast Description – How will you give a quick summary of what the show is about for people browsing for a new podcast to listen to?

We will cover outlines and give examples of all of these in this article. These guides will help you create great podcast launch content, but don’t let them muffle your creative juices!

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Podcast Intro

When someone tunes in to your podcast, they are either a new listener hoping to learn what the show is all about, or a return fan who expects to hear the common jingle that confirms why they keep listening to your podcast.

This intro can either be a pre-recorded intro with a voice-over artist, or it can be done live each episode by the host.

These are the goals of your podcast intro:

  • Remind your listeners why this is the content for them
  • Set the mood and tone for the podcast
  • Present your brand, both by name and by familiar audio.

Here are the key elements that you want to include in your intro:

  • Name of the show
  • What the show is about (in one line)
  • Why you should listen
  • Names of the hosts

Optional elements

  • Host qualifications
  • Sponsor mentions

Podcast Intro Formula

Every podcast has a right to their own unique style and format. Some open cold with a teaser of the highlight of the episode. Shows driven by the host’s brand may go directly in with a self introduction, while others may have a familiar sound and consistent introduction for each episode.

Here is a general guideline to get you started, but feel free to be creative as long as you cover the main elements.


  • Cold Open Highlight
  • Sponsor Plug

  1. Welcome
    1. Welcome to… [insert name of the podcast]
    2. You’re listening to…
    3. Get ready for…
    4. Hello Everyone, this is …
    5. I’m [your name] and this is the…
  2. Podcast Overview
    1. Where we talk about [one line description of the show that tells why it’s valuable to you]
    2. Where we teach you…
    3. A place where you can learn…
    4. This is a place where…
  3. Guest Introduction
    1. Here are your hosts… [insert name of host(s)]
    2. With…
    3. Hi I’m…

After these items are covered by the host or in the pre-recorded show intro, the live host can start talking and add additional introduction elements such as:

  • Guest Host Teaser or Introduction
  • Episode Specific Agenda (recommended)

This can also be done as part of the cold intro!

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Podcast Intro Examples

Script Example 1

Welcome to the All About Cakes podcast, where we interview bakers from around the world and dive deep into the sweet industry of pastries. Join the conversation with your host, 10 time Cake Master Chef, Johnny Smith.

Customer Example:

Script Example 2

Your listening Digging in the Data, a forensics podcast featuring true stories of unsolved crimes that were unraveled by cold hard data evidence. Here’s your host Pat Jackson.

Example 3 (Self Introduced)

Hi I’m Jake Jacobs, and I’m John Johnson, we’re the JJ’s. You’ve reached the best place to talk about BBQ from around the world. We are here to help you find the best, and possibly create the best BBQ ever made. Let’s go.

Example 3 (Cold Open Teaser)

“and this one statistic, this one practice changed the direction of our business and moved us from failing to success”

It’s time for The Turn Around – A podcast where we interview CEOs who express their vulnerability and share with us how they managed to help steer their companies away from tough times. I’m your host, business author and former Fortune 500 CEO,  Brian Smith.

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Podcast Outro – Closing Out the Podcast Episode

Even though statistically 93% of podcast listeners listen to most of the entire show, it’s fair to guess that many don’t hear outro – at least after the first full listen.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put considerable thought into it though. New listeners especially will hear the outro. Plus those passively listening (that’s the best thing about podcasts) may not have a hand free to end the episode early.

Here is what you should include in the Outro:

  • Host Names and Contact Info (Also give this out earlier in the show but repeat here)
  • Show Name
  • Reminder to Subscribe, Rate, and Review
  • Mention of Links or Show Notes Locations
  • Sponsor Plugs (if applicable)
  • Call to Action

Example Podcast Outros

Outro Script Example 1

Thanks for listening to this episode of the Marketers Minute. We hope you enjoyed it. Please be sure to subscribe so that we can join you again and if you appreciate the show, please jump over to iTunes and give us some stars. For more tips and notes from the show, check us out at Talk to you next week.

Outro Script Example 2

This has been the Customer Experience Tech Talk. I’m Jack Braker, and if you want to learn more about the topics we discussed today, visit where you’ll find the show notes.

Special thanks to Blue Chip Computers for supporting the show and we hope you will too by giving us a positive rating on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Thanks for listening.

Podcast Description

There are two types of descriptions that come into play for podcasts, the Show Description and the Episode Description. Here we are talking solely about the Show Description because it must be done before your podcast ever launches.

When your potential new audience members are looking for a podcast, they will likely give a quick browse of your show description in their favorite podcast listening app. The show description does not have character limits like your title or episode description, but you do want to get clearly to the point as quickly as possible.

The description should focus on your listener and their desires. Just like in your show intro, you want to give a brief overview of what listeners can get from the show, who the show is targeted to, and who the hosts are.

If it is possible to show personality in writing, this is the place. You can start with the script that you wrote for your Intro and expand upon it.

SEO matters! Just like any other content in the digital world, you want to be discoverable by those searching for not only your show name, but also by your topic, your subjects, your hosts’ names, and industry keywords.

Keep all of this in mind when writing your description. Don’t keyword stuff, but be sure to treat it the way you would any other piece of written content with SEO as a top priority.

Now you are on your way to launching your ground-breaking podcast. Let us know if you need any help. We are here for you.