Short Form Video Creation

Short Form Video Creation

Capture your audience’s attention with short-form video clips carefully selected and designed for social media.

Human + AI process allows Quality and Quantity so that you receive high-quality short-form videos that engage, inform, and inspire. Our videos are perfect for social media, websites, and marketing campaigns, ensuring your message stands out.

Choose Your Style

Using our tailored Video-as-a-Service Approach


Captions and Branding

Upgrade your videos with clear captions and consistent branding, making sure your message is understood and your brand is recognized.


Captions, Branding, and B-Roll

Enhance your clips with captivating B-Roll footage to enrich your content, along with captions and branding to elevate your videos.


Captions, Branding, B-Roll, Animations

Display a dynamic visual experience with background animations, in addition to captions, branding, and B-Roll footage.

How It Works


Purchase a plan based on Style and Quantity

Complete the order form by selecting the video style and how many clips you need. You’ll immediately get your price and can purchase your order.


Send us a link or upload your video files.

Tell us what videos to clip from and we’ll go to work!


View progress through your customer portal.

If we have any questions along with way you’ll have communication through your customer portal.


Receive your clips!

Receive a folder with all of your amazing video clips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thought Leadership Video Production

You can order as many as you need. Our packages are set at 10, 20, or 30 per month.

You can provide up to 3 different long-form videos for us to clip from. Just add a note for the editor how many you want from each video. Be mindful that some long videos may be able to produce more clips than others.

Yes! We watch your footage to make sure that we capture “mic drop” moments and gems of content that make you look good and keep your audience’s attention.

Not completely. We only use AI to assist in finding moments. Then a human reviews the clips for the best starting and ending points. A human touch helps make the clips resonate with Humans.

Absolutely. Customization and adherence to your brand identity are paramount in our video production process. We ensure every video aligns with your company’s branding guidelines, from logo placement and color schemes to the tone of voice and messaging style. Our goal is to create videos that feel like an extension of your brand, maintaining consistency and reinforcing your brand identity across all marketing materials.

Yes, we offer separate services where we can schedule your content and write social posts for you to compliment your video shorts. Contact us to learn about this additional service.

Client Testimonials

"Content Monsta's attention to detail was incredibly important to us. They deeply understood the assignment, working closely with us on all technical details and project management, ensuring that all videos, totaling over 36, were done professionally and effectively.”
Barbara Lewis
“A lot of people have commented on how great it sounds, “high quality.”
Brittney Upman
ShoreView Industries
“We could not have had the quality or success we’ve experienced on our podcast without our partner, Content Monsta.”
Don Sena
Consumer Track

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