Build a Personal Brand that Pays for Life

Increase Your Opportunities Off the Field

You are an athlete, but you are also a person. And when opportunities come knocking after the game, they are looking for people that have fans, followers, and a personal brand that continue to score long after the clocks run out or the whistle blows. When you control your media, you engage with your audience directly – which builds trust, which translates into value. Athletes with personal brands get the big endorsements, the sponsorships, the celebrity invites, and the attention. And not to deminish athletic ability, but athletes with strong personal brands help sell tickets. How do you think that will affect the negotiation of that next contract?

Solution: We are with you in your day to day to do the production, creative, and promotion work to connect you DIRECTLY to your audience anytime and anywhere you decide to reach them. Speak to your audience with a high level of production and low level of effort.

When your audience follows your personal brand – the attention and money follows you.

“The size of an athlete’s social following is incredibly valuable, and their marketing representatives know this, which impacts the interest level from more socially-engaged brands and the value of the endorsement itself.”
Russell Scibetti, Founder of and VP of Product Strategy at KORE Software

Personal Brand that’s not on the Radar

Is your personal brand not getting the ATTENTION that it deserves? Reaching mass audiences with Television is a an expensive and quite frankly unlikely venture for most personal brands. Plus, research (and common sense) shows that the attention of the audience you want to reach are looking at their phones more than their televisions. ContentMonsta has the new media expertise to bring your brand to new audiences by simply being your “personal paparazzi” backed by a real-time social marketing machine. We can be right there with you to immediately push your personality through our social media creative and technical machine to reach and build your audience as you live your life.

“An athlete’s social and digital following has become one of the more important points of criteria for brands when considering potential endorsers. Partnering with a socially influential athlete allows brands to ride the wave of influence that an endorser already has over their following, create more meaningful engagements with consumers and reach a broader audience altogether.””Allison Kelly, VP of Client Management – GMR Marketing

Build Fan Connections – Build Personal Brand Value

Building a brand is a long-term strategy that cannot be developed overnight. It takes a team that can build the strategy with the athlete to tailor the personal brand to accurately reflect their personality, be genuine, and be consistant across all social media platforms.

For every interview, travel adventure, community event, and even significant personal moments, a Content Monsta should be on the scene to capture the moment as content for their fanbase to consume and connect with.

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