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Become a member of a social media content production agency focused on building large personal brands. We provide the first and most critical step in capturing a snapshot of one’s true personal brand as we produce candid and up-to-the moment content to distribute into the digital media atmosphere – capturing audience attention on current and emerging digital media platforms.

We produce content designed specifically and individually for platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Medium, and LinkedIn, however it is our task to always be one step ahead of the masses in mastering the next new media platform and capturing a commanding space for our clients on that platform.

We capture, produce, edit, and distribute content not only to the clients’ existing attention base, but we also focus on fast audience growth through using the latest creative and social media strategies of the day. When necessary, we also partner with social media marketing agencies to bridge the gap between their personal brand and any related company brands.


Do you have what it takes to be a Monsta?

Check out the most challenging Monsta positions currently available below.

Personal Content Producer

The Monsta on the ground. Creating content as it happens!


Personal Content Producer – this person is responsible for capturing content as it happens. Pictures, candid video, comments/quotes; anything that is worthy of repeating to promote the client’s personality and brand. It is important that this person has the vision to understand the value of any given image, moment, action, and word that comes from the client as this is the “Content” that we are tasked with gathering. The producer needs to be able to both produce short form creative content on the fly as well has transmit material back to the office for long form production. The quality and integrity of the original content must be kept to maximize its use among multiple media platforms. This person must be a mobile device master with both photography and video skills. DSLR video experience is a huge plus.

Creative Content Editor

The Monsta in the chair. Editing, slicing, dicing, re-purposing, and posting content on the fly.


Creative Content Editor – the person in this position is tasked with exercising the most creative and innovative methods to maximize the impact of each piece of content created. Each media outlet requires a different and often unique creative approach and it is the Creative Content Editor’s job to know the difference and apply the necessary creative spin to each content piece. The Creative Content Editor will be in frequent communication with the Personal Content Producers and will receive, edit, and post content provided by the Personal Content Producers. This person should be skillful in multiple applications within the Adobe suite – including but not limited to Photoshop and Adobe Premier. Other applications that accomplish similar tasks can be used as well as those that are mobile device based. The Creative Content Editor should always be on the cutting edge of new content editing technology while at the same time understand the importance of maintaining productivity through existing and established creative tools.

Social Media Strategist

The Monsta in the details. This Monsta knows what's best and what's next!


Social Media Strategist – Media distribution and consumption methods change daily. Social media platforms change algorithms, features, rules, and trends by the moment. It is the job of the Social Media Strategist to understand the technology and trends behind media consumption, habits of media consumers, and the best methodologies to reach these consumers to attract their attention. This involves researching new social media technologies, keeping track of changes in existing media technologies, and devising content strategies for each individual client to maximize the attention grab and exposure of each client on those platforms. The Social Media Strategist will work closely with the Creative Content Creator to insure that the content created fits the current style, trend, and communication format to be effective on the multiple media channels designated by the Social Media Strategist. As the Social Media Strategist identifies changes in content needs and/trends, it is their job to communicate content needs down to the Creative Content Creator and Personal Content Producers.