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In The Business of Marketing Podcast by A. Lee Judge

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In this episode Mark Schaefer and A. Lee Judge revisit the idea of personal brand in 2022 and how businesses are figuring out how to harness personal brands. 

There is an opportunity at a corporate level to benefit from personal brands. How does a company establish a personal and human voice?

Mark also gives additional insight from his recent book Cumulative Advantage a book on how to build momentum for your ideas, business, and life. 

Conversation points:

  • Tell us about your new book, The Cumulative Advantage. Why and how does it relate to marketing?
  • How can we apply the knowledge from your book to business and marketing? For example, in the book you discuss having advantage. Some maybe don’t recognize that they have an advantage, but if they do recognize that, how do they build upon it?
  • How to innovate yourself enough to put yourself out of business, meaning how to have/offer the next thing your customers need to fulfill their needs. 
  • In your recent book, you discuss unfair advantages and while reading the book I noticed these unfair advantages were actually privileges. People don’t like to acknowledge privilege and in your book you don’t avoid it. You address it and avoid the controversy, but you didn’t avoid the existence of it and I commend that. Tell us more about that.
  • If I were to summarize your books, they all incorporate marketing and personal branding. What do you think about the idea of being known today in 2022 and how has it changed? How have the ideas of having a personal brand changed?

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