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Pros of Niche Marketing and Communicating Clearly to Your Audience with Ahava Leibtag

In The Business of Marketing Podcast by A. Lee Judge

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In this episode, Ahava Leibtag and A. Lee Judge discuss the importance of niche marketing and creating content that communicates to your audience clearly.

Ahava gives additional insight into the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a specialized marketing agency, content strategy, content marketing, digital communications, and podcasting.

Conversation points:
  • What is the story behind your choice to focus on a particular industry?
  • From the standpoint of a marketer looking to hire an agency for content marketing, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a specialized marketing agency?
  • When an organization needs to “start” with written content, what are your tips on guiding their marketing agency to produce text in a voice that represents their expertise?
  • What are your thoughts on how Marketers should be considering video as a part of their marketing mix?
  • What about Podcasts? Is this something that all marketers should be considering, or do you think there are cases where podcasting might not be ideal?
  • What advice would you give marketers who struggle with creating great content, when at the same time they are in a very regulated industry?
  • Tell us your latest thoughts on how marketers can optimize the repurposing of their new or existing content.

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