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International Marketing From an African Perspective with Mark Kaigwa

In The Business of Marketing Podcast by A. Lee Judge

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In this episode, Mark Kaigwa and A. Lee Judge discuss the nuances between digital marketing in Africa compared to a global perspective.

Mark gives additional insight into the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing in Sub-Saharan African mobile marketing trends, social media, storytelling, content marketing, social networks, and research.

Conversation points:

  • On the Nendo website, it says that “Nendo started from a desire to see a gap fulfilled – Insights published about Africans by Africans in Africa.” Tell me more about that.
  • Comparing to a global perspective, what are the nuances that make marketing in Kenya or Africa different?
  • What should the marketers mindset be going into this year?
  • Mark, you had a video series going called Digital Africa. What happened to it?
  • How can a marketer be a better ambassador internally, within their company to drive their digital initiatives?
  • In your agency, you show a strong emphasis on research and data, but also have creative services. If you had to choose which one should be most important to marketers, which would it be?
  • What trends or changes should we keep our eyes on going through 2022?

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