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Rand Fishkin and A. Lee Judge discuss how to attract the right audience by creating content that converts and shares tools that every marketer should be utilizing for the best ROI.

Marketers are forever on a quest to connect with their audience. Whether it’s through creating the right content to attract an audience or finding the right audience to send content to. To support that quest, we look for software tools to provide the data for guidance.

Our guest today has not only been providing tools for marketers, but also has been literally mapping out the path on a whiteboard for us.

He is currently blazing the trail in audience research, but in the past has been called SEO legend, SEO guru, Godfather of SEO, and even though he’s moved on from this chapter, my favorite name that I’ve heard him called is, “The Wizard of Moz.”

Obviously with those titles, it’s a privilege to talk with and learn a few things from today’s guest.

Currently, he is the Co-founder and CEO of audience research software start-up SparkToro.

Welcome to the podcast Rand Fishkin!

Conversation points:
  • You went from a Blog, to a Consultant, to a Software Business. So, take us back to 2003 and SEO Moz and tell us about the journey to Spark Toro.
  • Is this still the most popular topic that you are asked to speak about and are there things more important that marketers should be thinking about right now?
  • Can you share with us a couple of the reasons our content strategies may not be working today?
  • What do you think are some of the best ways to determine the impact of long-form content like podcast audio?
  • Tell us more about why SparkToro and/or “this” type of discovery is useful and who is the tool targeted toward?

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