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Digital Marketing Maturity and the Fractional CMO with Neal Schaffer

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Neal Schaffer and A. Lee Judge discuss digital marketing and marketing leadership, and the connections needed between the two.
Today, we are talking about Digital Marketing and Marketing Leadership, and the connections needed between the two. Marketing leadership comes in many forms. It can be from traditional internal roles, like Marketing managers, directors, and CMOs.
It can come from external consultants that guide a business from a higher level view when needed. Or, it can come from combinations of the two such as Fractional CMO’s.
Like myself, many marketers come up through the ranks while gathering wide skillsets of both Marketing Operations and management experience.
Our featured guest today is also one of these people, as he serves to help businesses through uniquely innovative, data-driven, and Digital First approaches to marketing.
On this episode of The Business of Marketing Podcast, I chat with Fractional CMO, author, digital / social media / content / influencer marketing keynote speaker & consultant, and a university educator, Neal Schaffer!
Conversation points:
Neal, later on I want to get into talking about becoming a Fractional CMO and what that is, but first I want to learn about your background in social and digital marketing.
  • So please share with us how your experience in social led into Digital Marketing, and how that supports your approach to helping businesses today.

Neal, as someone who has studied social for years from a business standpoint. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of evolution in both the “view” of the importance in social media as well as the technology stacks behind it.

  • For the marketers listening, which do you think is most important to understand… The “WHY” portion of social – OR – the more technical (and always changing) “HOW” to do social?

There was a time when Social and Digital could be interchangeable when talking about Marketing. And while Social is a “part” of Digital, they are not the same.

  • Do you think some organizations still struggle to separate the two?

Neal, let’s talk a bit more about your role as a Fractional CMO.

  • In what kind of situations might an organization be when they look for a Fractional CMO as opposed to having someone in-house?

Earlier I mentioned that (in my opinion) the best CMO’s have a strong technical background that is paired with leadership skills and experience.

  • Which do you see companies lacking the most in their CMO’s? Understanding of how to lead a Marketing organization – OR – understanding the technical aspects that are critical to today’s digital landscape?

Let me ask you, on a scale from 1-10, when you get the chance to peer inside of a mid to large size company to examine their digital marketing maturity:

  • Where would you say most companies think they are (on a scale of 1-10) versus where they actually are on that scale?

Neal, we both regularly have large speaking engagements, and I know you do a lot of Keynote speaking around the world.

For me, I get some of the best questions from people when they approach me just after I walk off stage.

  • Can you share with us any interesting moments or regular questions that you have received after giving a keynote?

Well Neal, I am tremendously grateful for your time and insights today. Before we go, please tell us where to find you, your blog, your books, and maybe even catch you speaking.

Thanks for listening to The Business of Marketing podcast.

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