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Record Customers and Employees Remotely for Video Content

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At a time when more businesses are looking to create video content, we were fortunate to already have hands-on experience and had researched extensively how to record employees remotely as well as record customers remotely.

Remote video recording used to be something only discussed as a conference call software feature. However, today we know firsthand that with cloud-based tools and the expertise of our video producers, we can record video remotely with the quality previously only captured with an in-person video crew.

Today, in many cases, an on-site video crew is overkill – both in cost and practicality.

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The demand is continuously growing for the production of customer testimonials, employee videos, video podcaststhought leadership videos, and video course creation.

However, today it is very common for businesses to not only be distant from their customers – their employees could be spread throughout the world also.

This is why remote recording has become an essential service for content marketing, employee engagement, training, and communicating to existing and potential customers.

Advantages of Recording Customers and Employees Remotely

Recording employees and customers remotely offers several advantages for businesses and organizations. Some of these advantages include:


Remote recording allows employees to participate from any location, as long as they have a stable internet connection and a device with a camera. This flexibility can help ensure that all team members can contribute, even if they are in different time zones or have busy schedules.

It also means that professional producers can be available for them when they are ready to record – without having to disrupt the office for a film crew.

Scheduling a recording session can be as easy as scheduling a meeting. Rescheduling can be just as simple. This also helps to reduce or eliminate cancellation fees that most production companies require due to the movement of equipment and people to the shoot location.


Recording video remotely allows employees to participate in a familiar and comfortable environment, such as their home or office. This can help them feel more at ease, leading to better performance and more natural expressions.

Also, the minimal equipment needed for a remote producer-led recording session is much smaller than the equipment used by an onsite video production team.

Less equipment typically means less anxiety and pressure for the person on camera.

Time Efficiency

Remote recording saves time by eliminating the need for employees to travel to a specific location for the shoot. This can help your team to be more productive and focus on their core responsibilities.

Before the pandemic, a popular service we provided was to meet a company at its annual event in order to capture all of the executives that had flown in for a meeting. This was often the only opportunity to get so many thought leaders or company executives in one place at one time for a physical video shoot.

This is no longer a requirement when remotely capturing video. Each person can record on a schedule and at a location that best fits them.

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Remote video recording can be easily scaled to include a larger number of employees as your company grows or as you work on different projects, without significant additional costs or logistical challenges.

Recording hundreds or even dozens of employee videos was out of the question if it meant getting them all into a studio or hiring a video crew at each location.

Customer testimonials was limited to customers willing to allow a production crew in their office.

Remote video creation allows video production to be scaled without the limitations of time, location, and equipment logistics.


Many remote video recording solutions provide features that enable real-time collaboration, feedback, and editing. This allows for better communication and a more seamless creative process.

Having a professional producer to guide a recording session is a tremendous value because they can coach the subject on camera, help with lighting, control equipment remotely, and even manage the recorded files.

For companies with strict compliance needs, team members such as compliance officers, attorneys, or PR agents can attend recording sessions to insure that the correct message is delivered.

the view from the remote video producer perspective

A remote video producer gives the thumbs up to the subject, while collaborators watch in.

Cost Savings

Remote recording eliminates the need for hiring a professional film crew, renting a studio, or investing in expensive equipment. This can result in significant cost savings for your company.

Without these cost savings, scalability would be limited for many companies. Being able to order video production services in bulk can greatly reduce the cost per video.

There are also hidden cost savings in remotely recorded video production. Your workplace does not need to be disturbed by a video crew on site and your video subjects do not have to travel for a video shoot.

Rapid content creation

Remote recording can streamline the video production process, allowing you to create and share content quickly, which can be crucial for time-sensitive marketing campaigns or internal communications.

When a remote video producer conducts a recording session, the files are automatically transmitted to the producer during the session, therefore much time is saved in file management and transfer.

Having the raw video ready for the editing process the moment a recording session is done can assist in a quick turnaround in video production.

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Summary of Benefits from Remote Video Recording

From the standpoint of a team that has tackled the challenge of recording subjects on the same team but in different locations –  we’ve found that recording employees or customers remotely presents a multitude of benefits for businesses and organizations, including cost savings, flexibility, increased comfort, time efficiency, improved collaboration, scalability, and eco-friendliness.

By leveraging cloud-based video production services, companies can further enhance accessibility, real-time collaboration, centralized storage, automatic updates, streamlined workflows, and security.

By embracing these innovative solutions, organizations can create high-quality content, capture valuable customer testimonials, and promote their brand effectively, all while enjoying reduced costs and increased efficiency in their video production processes.

Our Remote Video Content Services

Learn about the many ways we can help you scale your video content production.

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Remote Producer

Our producers work with your video subjects in real-time. They coach delivery, assist with technical setup, and work to get the best content out of every recording session.

Without having a crew come on site, we are still with you, LIVE, every step of the way.

woman recording using the remote video kit from Content Monsta

Remote Studio Lite

We have developed small user-friendly video kits that can be set up in minutes, remotely controlled by our producers, and will increase the quality of your video recording to professional standards.

Keep the kit ready and record studio-quality videos with our producers any time!

woman recording using the professional remote video production kit from Content Monsta

Remote Studio Pro

For a polished in-studio look, even in your office, our Remote Studio Pro kits allow for the highest quality corporate video production.

These kits come fully supplied with teleprompters for professional delivery whenever you need professional video.

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Video Request Service

We'll send a video request link so that your customer, expert, or executive can self-record and have the video automatically uploaded to us.

Scale testimonial, user experience and thought leadership videos by capturing footage from your community and peers in minutes.