The Business of Marketing Season 3 Expert Highlights

Experts Who Helped “Up” My Marketing Game

In The Business of Marketing Podcast by A. Lee Judge

Season 3 of The Business of Marketing Podcast was an insightful experience, featuring marketing experts from diverse industries. As the host, I aimed to share their knowledge with listeners while learning alongside them. This season caters to both experienced marketers and newcomers alike, with topics covering Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Go-To-Market Strategies, International Marketing, and more.

In this article, I’ve compiled excerpts and links to all episodes from Season 3, providing both listening and viewing options. Engage in these enlightening conversations with some of the brightest minds in the industry, and don’t forget to subscribe for future content. Level up your mind and business with the wisdom of these seasoned professionals.

Confidence, Creativity, and Focus

Seth Godin shares his expertise on delivering thoughts with confidence, the definition of marketing, and things that marketers might be getting wrong.


Content Entrepreneurs and the Creator Economy

Joe Pulizzi talks about the meaning of the Content Entrepreneur, his business – the Tilt and Content Marketing Institute, and his event – the Creator Economy Expo.


Brand Building Marketing Strategies

Nick Westergaard discusses building a brand from the ground up and utilizing the right strategy to ensure you tell the best story about your brand. Building this story starts with asking yourself the right questions.


B2B Podcast Tips and Personal Brand Strategies

Jay Baer shares his insight on B2B podcast tips, personal brand strategies, content marketing, and his business – Convince and Convert.


The Remarkable Marketer and Chief Evangelist

Guy Kawasaki chats about launching businesses, disruptive technologies, and how to land dream guests on your podcast.


How Businesses Can Stop Being Boring

Kathy Klotz-Guest talks about how to “Keep It Human”, get past “Business Boring” and begin creating engaging content.


Digital Marketing Maturity and the Fractional CMO

Neal Schaffer discusses the meaning of a Fractional CMO, the difference between social and digital marketing, and the lessons CMO’s need to learn to run a better marketing organization.


Digital Marketing Intelligence, from SEO to Audience Research

Rand Fishkin shares his expertise on how to attract the right audience by creating content that converts and shares tools that every marketer should be utilizing for the best ROI.


B2B Digital Marketing Strategy and Content

Ardath Albee chats about how B2B organizations should think about personas, the type of content B2B companies need to create, and how they can be more relatable through strategic content.


The Evolution of ABM and Facilitating Go-To-Market

Sangram Vajre shares insight into sales and marketing alignment, his MOVE framework, and how organizations should facilitate their Go-To-Market strategy. Plus other insights into the realm of the Business of Marketing.


How To Build Momentum in Life, Marketing, and Business

Mark Schaefer discusses marketing and personal branding alignment, his new book The Cumulative Advantage, what it means to be known in 2022 and beyond, and how the ideas of personal branding has shifted.


Video and Podcasts: Capturing Your Internal Experts As Content

Zontee Hou chats about B2B marketing, how to create data-driven content, her experience as head of strategy at the marketing agency Convince-&-Convert, and why businesses should utilize podcasting to increase engagement.


Pros of Niche Marketing and Communicating Clearly to Your Audience

Ahava Leibtag talks about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a specialized marketing agency, her content marketing consultancy – Aha Media Group, content marketing, the importance of repurposing content, and podcasting.


International Marketing From an African Perspective

Mark Kaigwa shares his expertise on digital marketing in Africa compared to the global perspective, his strategy and storytelling consultancy – Nendo, how marketers can drive their digital initiatives, and what marketing trends we need to focus on in 2022 and beyond.


Using Customer Data To Guide Go-To-Market and Content Strategy

Chris Wallace talks about the parallels between marketing and customer experience, his brand consultancy agency – InnerView Group, how marketers should use data to guide their go-to-market strategies, and the value and effects of internal marketing and branding.


Web3, Google Analytics 4 and More

Brian Piper discusses web analytics, content strategy, optimizing digital content, Web3, and his book with Joe Pulizzi – Epic Content Marketing, Second Edition: Break through the Clutter with a Different Story, Get the Most Out of Your Content, and Build a Community in Web3.


Website Updates – What Matters Most in Design and Development

Andy Crestodina shares his expertise and insight on how to optimize a website, his conference – Content Jam, the difference between web design and web development, and content marketing in relation to web development.


Video Platforms, Content Strategy, and Acting Like a Media Company

Jennifer Griffin-Smith chats about two marketers’ sayings, “Content is King” and “Every company should act like a media company”, the importance of video format content marketing, her role and expertise as the CMO of Brightcove – one of the world’s leading video platforms, levels of enterprise video platforms, and remote production.


Developing a Growth Marketing Strategy

Darrell Evans discusses the concept of “full-service” marketing agencies, his role and expertise as the Co-Founder and CEO of Yokel Local – a digital marketing agency, growth marketing as a service niche, internet marketing, and more.


Public Relations vs Digital Marketing 

Gini Dietrich dives into both Marketing and PR to discuss the intersections of the two, her role and expertise as the Founder, CEO, and author of Spin Sucks – a digital marketing agency and book, her creation of the PESO model, digital media, and more.

Every episode has delivered gems, so be sure to listen and follow on your favorite podcast listening platform.