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The Value of Being “Known” – Personal Branding and Marketing Strategy

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One of my favorite rap lyrics is when Missy Elliot says, “I don’t brag I mostly boast” – In that line, she points out that bragging might be excessive or exaggerated pride… But a Boast depicts a sense of accomplishment and an important component of healthy, positive self-esteem.

I have to often refer to this difference when I speak to others about their personal brand. We don’t need to brag, but a subtle (or not so subtle) boast from time to time is absolutely necessary.

As marketers, we have to learn to boast about our brands. Be it corporate or personal. However, “personal” can be a challenge for many. By the end of this podcast, I think you’ll see things a bit differently and you’ll leave with some resources to help you become both a better marketer and the owner of a better personal brand.

Mark Schaefer is our feature guest on this episode.

Mark is a globally recognized author, speaker, podcaster, and business consultant.
He is a prolific writer and speaker whose work sits at the intersection of marketing, technology, and humanity.

He has advanced degrees in marketing and organizational development… holds seven patents… and is a faculty member of the graduate studies program at Rutgers University.

He is the best-selling author of nine popular books… including one of my favorite books that we’ll get to in a moment.

His clients range from successful start-ups to global brands such as Adidas, Johnson & Johnson, and Dell,  and he has appeared on media channels such as CNN, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

Mark and Lee talk about becoming KNOWN, Personal Branding, and Marketing Strategy

Conversation Points from this episode:
  • Mark, Back in 2017 you predicted the elevation of Personal Branding. What were the roots of that prediction, and where has the idea of personal branding grown since then?
  • For those who confuse personal branding with bragging, can you help clarify how the two are different?
  • In 2017 I was introduced to your book KNOWN. The book was life-changing for me. Not because of a new concept, but because the book gave definition and clarity to a concept that I had already been practicing. When I was a DJ, enjoying what I would call moderate success, I spoke to a DJ who was a part of an organization that was getting booked for all of the biggest concert tours. When I asked him how I could become a member of the organization, he told me that while I was respected in the music business, I wasn’t KNOWN by enough fans. I needed to become more KNOWN. DJs live and die by their brand and how well known they are. From that point on, I became more purposeful about my personal brand. I still use what I learned there today in my brand as a business person and professional marketer.
    • As someone who has studied the impact of being KNOWN, can you share a story with us about someone’s life-changing moment after understanding the power of being KNOWN?
  • Mark, let’s talk about Social Media Marketing Strategy. When we first began talking to companies about social media, it was barely included in Marketing, let alone a part of a Marketing Strategy.
    • Now that every business organization understands that they must have social in their marketing strategy, where do you still see shortcomings in social media marketing strategies?
  • How do we overcome those shortcomings and make sure that social value is realized in a business sense?
  • I know that you have a statistics and analysis background.
    • So how can social media marketers be sure that their deliverables are measurable?
  • Let’s pivot a bit towards the bigger picture of “Self-Help” content. Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine has a book called The Compound Effect – where he talks about multiplying your success in business and even relationships. This book was impactful to me and I refer to this book often when I have to remind myself that even small steps in the right direction will pay off.
    • This leads me to an interest in your new book “Cumulative Advantage”. I’m about to start this book. The summary says that it will help to build the unstoppable momentum needed to rise above competitive barricades in business, in our careers, and in our lives. I’m excited to get into the book, please tell us about it.
  • Get it off your chest – Mark if there was one thing that you wish you could get all marketers to understand today – what would it be and why?
  • Before we go, please tell us what’s new with you and about where we can find you.

Thanks for listening to The Business of Marketing podcast.

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