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10 Ways Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

In Blog by A. Lee Judge

Have you ever asked the question of whether or not video marketing would help your business? Video content is no longer just an alternative, but rather a must if you want to cover all marketing bases.

Back then, it may not be the case, as watchable contents require huge resources to create. These days, all you need is a video editing software, a few actors (even yourself will do!), a voice-over, or an animation software.

You really have no excuse. Videos can be quite flexible, it can be majestically done, with a huge budget and an over the top production, or carried out with downright simplicity, and it can be just as effective.

Here are ten reasons why you should be doing video marketing NOW for your business.

Your Audience Loves Videos More Than Anything Else

We are 90% certain that the last content you consumed before this one came in video form. Around 80% of online users watch at least one video every week, while close to 60% watch them every day.

Videos are more digestible, as they stimulate not only visually, but audibly as well. This makes consumption of information faster, more efficiently, and longer lasting, which helps in maintaining top-of-mind awareness and brand recall, two of things you need to achieve if you want loyal followers to your brand.

Videos Can Go Viral

Ah! Virality. The Holy Grail of content marketing. The pinnacle of online presence. Can you still remember the last written content that goes viral? We can’t either.

Because it is videos that are more susceptible so spread like wildfire, whether it is the dancing gorilla, the world’s smallest movie, or Van Damme’s epic split.  That last part video the Internet to frenzy, with people actually trying to find and watch the video, rather than the company pushing it very hard to their audience. Definitely, it was spree for Volvo. If you want your content to be epidemic, go video.

You Can Rank High in YouTube

With a massive three billion searches each month and four billion views a day, YouTube is the second largest search engine and the third most visited website, only behind Google and Facebook. This means 50% of the time, you can find your audience hanging around in this website, laughing on cat videos and deluding on tutorials. Once your content ranked high on YouTube, it will reach your audience with less effort, and you already won half the marketing battle.

It Is Good For Mobile Traffic

To say that mobile and tablet users love videos is an understatement. In fact, it is the preferred form of content over anything else.

Videos only take from one to five minutes to watch, over articles which will take 10 to 20 minutes to read. This means this is the better choice when people look for content that they will enjoy.

Of the total data traffic in mobile phones, 60 percent accounts to video alone, while YouTube is responsible for more than 50% of all video traffic across mobile networks. In addition, close to 30% of smartphone users watch at least one video each day, while over 30% of tablet owners do the same. They were not kidding when they said the future or marketing is handheld.

Videos are Forever

Literally. Once you uploaded your video content, it will remain there for good, given, it wasn’t taken down due to violations. It will keep working for you, promoting your brand and reaching your audience for no expense.

It is a content that keeps on giving. Imagine how greater the gains are if it is a well-executed content. Meanwhile, a TV spot will stop airing once you stopped paying for it.

You Can Re-Use Videos and Still Look Fresh

Video contents are fluid, adaptable, and can take many forms. You can have it modified, recycled, or re-used to fit your different platforms.

From a single video, you can edit it to be a GIF, a slide show, a 10-second YouTube ad, a three-second Facebook ad, a teaser, an entirely new video, or even a soundbite if you have a podcast. It’s like Voltron, but reversed! When it comes to versatility and practicality, you win on watchable contents.

Videos are Highly Shareable

Marketing is only compounded by sharing. If it is good enough and well-liked by your audience, it will be shared on social media, which means it will reach more people, which means more people will share it, and it goes on and on into a virtuous cycle.  

Currently, more than 500 YouTube videos are watched on Facebook on a daily basis, while more than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter in any given hour when you start to consider these numbers, you will realize how much you are missing by not going for video contents.

Online Videos Get More Sales

That is, compared to its TV counterpart. Television viewers only have 16% chance of buying a product after seeing an advertisement of it on the tube, while online users have a whopping 34% chance of purchasing the product after seeing an online video.

The simple reason? TV does not have a Buy button, while online video can have this feature, leading to a faster conversion.

Engagements and Feedback Thrive on Videos

YouTube is quite famous (or infamous?) for its comments section, where micro-communities are instantly formed, creating a series of reactions, discussions, and even debates regarding the video.

This is not an accident. People are more likely to remark on a video rather than on a written article. You may use this real-time feedback system to gauge your audience, how responsive they are to your content, how they feel about it, and to see how helpful this is to your business.

You don’t have to wait for months for their assessments to rethink about your strategy, it is right there under your content.

You Will Have Bigger And Faster ROI

More than half of marketing professionals working on various businesses and industries across the globe agree that video is the type of marketing content with the greatest return of investment; accordingly, businesses who utilize video increase their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t use it.

It is very clear that video content is the main driver of conversion and sales these days. On the bad side of things, your competitor might have already stepped up their game and included video in their marketing efforts.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are late to the party already. It’s not who did it first, It’s the one who does it better who wins.

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