5 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

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Increase your professional success by getting your Personal Brand in shape. You don’t have to go to the gym to make a solid personal brand, so here are some quick personal branding tips and links to get you started on developing a strong and effective personal brand.

1. Develop Your Personal Tagline

This is more than a title. Develop as concise as possible a one-line description of what you want to be known as. Not only is this something to share in your online profile as personal branding, but something that you want clear in your head. This will keep you focused on what your personal brand looks like.

Create this by asking yourself questions like:

  • What opportunities do I want to be presented
  • What can I passionately and consistently give valuable information on?
  • Who am I outside of any entity that I work for
  • What benefit will you receive for knowing me?
  • More details here…

    “Executive Leader in Industrial Robotics” “Creative Entrepreneur and Start-up Founder” “Life Coach and Best Selling Author” “Celebrity Chef and Creator of The Cookbook Club” “Customer Experience Specialist”

2. Update your LinkedIn Profile

  • Make sure your image is up to date
  • Create a title that describes your expertise and not just your job description (see #1)
  • Again, craft your description to explain the benefits of knowing or working with you

3. Learn to Create Content

4. Engage and Communicate.

Be sure not to get so caught up in promoting yourself that you forget that building your brand is a two-way street. Talk with people that have shown you interest enough to connect with you. Ask questions, become interested in them, and most of all, focus on how you can bring them value.

5. Go out and network!

The two greatest benefits of working on your personal brand in person are:

  • You’ll meet people who may not be good at online social networking.
  • Once you start building a brand, meeting someone in person that you’ve already begun communicating online with makes you look and feel like a celebrity. AND it gives you a chance to reassure your connections that you are a real and reachable person.

Have more tips? Please share in the comments below.

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