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How to Target Your Content for Best Impact

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This morning I had a vision of how great content can start as a focused piece, spread out into many pieces, and still be done in a controlled manner to achieve maximum efficiency.

As I visualized the “spread-out” part it reminded me of lessons that I learned about hunting with projectiles called buckshot – while filming my documentary “Hunting with the White Boys” (but that’s for another post, you can find it on YouTube)

You see, a buckshot is a projectile in a shotgun shell which is a container holding many pieces of “bullet content”.

The design is such that, based on the shotgun and type of shell, you control how wide or narrow the payload of the smaller pieces of content is spread.

This also allows you to tailor the content output for the appropriate target.

Content Buckshot Customer Touchpoints


For smaller targets like rabbits, you’ll be closer and don’t want to focus all of the content in one area. Otherwise, you either miss the target because you focused everything in one place or you completely destroy the target with no rabbit left. (Sorry about that visual).

You’ll also consider distributing more micro-sized content – in this analogy “Birdshot” rather than “Buckshot”

You will want to widen the delivery to increase hit opportunities while at the same time, insure that when the content hits, it does its job with no destruction.

For larger targets like deer, you’ll likely be farther away. And it will take a more targeted payload of content to achieve your goal. You’ll deliver larger and more concentrated pieces of content. Because if you spread content too wide and it doesn’t hit a vital point, then it’s just noise and the target gets away (and gets better at avoiding your “content”).

If I lost you in the hunting metaphor here it is straight…

When you create content, you need a plan on:

  • Avoid over-utilizing resources on a single shot
  • Create content that multiplies into additional pieces of content
  • Determine how wide you should spread your content across channels
  • Know when to narrow or widen the focus of the content for the particular target
  • Make sure your content has sufficient consistency to get the desired response

So, are you hunting deer (fewer, bigger targets) or rabbits (many, smaller ones)?

Do you need to spread your content wide to increase the chances of a hit with no harm done, or do you need to focus more content in one area to take down a bigger target?


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