Podcast Consistency

Podcast Consistency – How to Keep the Show Going

In Blog by A. Lee Judge

Nearly everything about today’s online presence is about balancing quality content with timing and making sure that whatever comes next is properly promoted and represented. To keep your podcast show consistent, there are many important factors that cannot be compromised. In order to keep the show going, the discipline has to be kept, and the expectations must be met. 

How does a successful podcaster manage to cover all bases with nearly every upload? We’ve noticed quite a few similarities doing our research on the topic, and we’re here to unveil their secrets. Here’s a hint: Podcast Consistency!

Marketing Strategy

A lot of time and energy can go into creating a worthwhile podcast. This can include everything from getting the perfect guest, asking all the right questions, recording with the best gear, and editing your podcast perfectly. While this might create a fantastic podcast, it does not guarantee podcast consistency or success. 

That’s because a perfect podcast that never reaches its target audience is just as ineffective as a bad podcast. Remaining consistent with tailoring and packaging content for your ideal market is just as important as quality. 

Like with all marketing strategies, you are going to have to learn your audience. Create polls and surveys and conduct research to truly understand your target audience. Being aware of who your listeners are, will put you on the right path to optimize your content for a specific niche.

Once that is done, you should look into your niche and conduct some keyword research. Knowing what keywords, phrases, and topics get the most traffic will help you create more appealing and SEO optimized titles and descriptions. This can be a great tool in reaching more of your target market and help you remain consistent with your podcast topics. 

Distribution Platforms

Once the legwork is done and you know how to best optimize content for your market, it is time to spread the word. This is where using a wide variety of distribution platforms becomes vital.

Here are the key listening platforms you want to make sure to distribute your podcast through in order to get the most exposure:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • Soundcloud

Also, if you captured the recording on video, self-promote the podcast through your social channels and Youtube. Using social media platforms is a great way to promote your podcast. You can reach a large audience through social media and it’s thus a great way to get them interested in your show.

Tailor your content for the different social media platforms. Instagram can have short, interesting snippets that grab listeners’ attention, while Facebook can be perfect for longer clips that lead people directly to your podcast. Whatever the platform is, be consistent with your podcast promotion and take the time to see what kind of content performs best on it. 

Additionally, you should be aware that Google is making an effort to push podcasts to the forefront. That’s why having well-optimized podcasts on numerous platforms can help you reach more people than ever before. 

Once you have that down, you just need to amplify your content. This includes actions like using the right hashtags, leveraging influencers, ads, and interacting with people. In essence, anything that will help you generate more engagement and traffic.

Consistent Podcast Topics

Consistent topics are a crucial aspect in podcast making, as it helps fulfill expectations of the audience and keeps the host on the right track. Committing to a certain genre helps you find those that want to listen, which helps you continue to grow your audience.

Regardless of the genre, whether it be true crime, business and marketing, celebrity lifestyle, or comedy, a creator must develop podcast consistency and make an effort to not dilute their content. A channel without a strict ‘niche’ that covers a wide range of topics usually does not fare well. 

As a creator, you shouldn’t suppress the desire for more varied content-making. Going outside of the genre and exploring new artistic expressions is best done on a different channel, where a podcaster can allow him/herself any type of outlet they feel that they need. This way, a creator has all the credibility and integrity on their base channel and all the freedom for self-expression and creating new audiences on a seperate channel. 

Podcast Topics That Fill Success Gaps for Listeners

Perhaps the topic you’ve centered yourself around is one that already has quite a bit of buzz. Successful podcasters are able to bridge the success gap and uncover podcast topics that have not been chewed up and spit out a couple hundred times. They identify and investigate the topics that are entertaining but haven’t been given as much attention. 

This allows successful podcasters to set themselves apart from the competition while still remaining in their lane and providing something that is highly requested in today’s digital world, original topics or original angles at existing topics.

It is what guarantees they will be able to retain the audience for the next release, and it even allows the podcast to grow based on the promise of original content. The math here is simple – if your audience is happy with what they are getting, the audience is bound to grow. 

Consistent Podcast Schedule

For your audience, knowing what to expect is just as important as knowing when to expect it. There is no shortage of scientific data out there on how long the content should be and how frequently you should upload. Regardless of how often you decide to upload, be it weekly or monthly, your podcast consistency depends on you sticking to those deadlines.

Whether you commit to satisfying someone’s thirst for knowledge or make them laugh by retelling old movies, they will start to lose trust and interest if your upload is late or missing. Consistency in content upload and content quality is the key to retaining your original audience and the basis for growing your channel. 

Expert or Entertaining Podcast Guests and Perspectives

Depending on the content you’ve come across so far, you may have noticed that podcasts can be vaguely divided into those that entertain a wide range of guests and those that are a bit more self-centered. Don’t worry, we mean that in a good way.

Podcasts with one or two hosts and not many guests usually have expert knowledge of the topics and genre they are representing. This means that they truly practice what they preach, and their skill allows them to attract more people who are interested in the same things. It’s incredibly useful to talk about things that interest you – it’s proven to be therapeutic, and while you’re at it, why not grow a following? 

On the other hand, podcasts that involve the presence of guests can be just as entertaining. This is because you’re always going to be given a new perspective of whatever you’re interested in. Hosts in this role serve as a guide and someone who is always prepared to ask the right questions.

Asking the right questions is one of the most underestimated traits of a good podcast host. It can stir up more conversation, avoid awkward silences, and even lead to unique discoveries. 

We hope that this insightful guide will help you with your podcast consistency. Want to learn more? Talk to a professional at Content Monsta!