The Power of a Branded Business Podcast

The Power of a Branded Business Podcast

In Blog by A. Lee Judge

Most companies considering creating their own branded podcasts miss the mark for two reasons. One, they don’t understand how the conversation helps guide their customers down the funnel. And two, they have placed the podcast in the wrong place within their content strategy. 

Imagine this scenario: You’re in the market for an enterprise-level purchase, doing your research to make an informed decision. While diving into your research, you stumble upon an intriguing opportunity.

You get to sit in on a conversation among the very people who created the product or service you’re interested in. It’s like being a fly on the wall during an interview with an industry leader discussing best practices in your area of interest.

Even better, picture this: You have the chance to eavesdrop on conversations among individuals who have already made the purchase or have hands-on experience with the product or service you’re considering. You’re privy to their insights, their challenges, and their successes.

Now, think about what all of this means for you. If you could access these valuable insider conversations to guide your decision-making process, you’d naturally begin to trust the people and organizations that provided you with this education, right?

But here’s the twist. What if it’s your organization having these conversations, and potential customers get to be the proverbial flies on the wall, learning from you? It’s a game-changer.

Your potential customers have the privilege of tapping into your knowledge, expertise, and industry insights through your podcast. In turn, you become their trusted advisor—the go-to source they turn to when they need guidance.

What I’ve just described is the essence of a branded business podcast. It’s a powerful tool that can set you apart from your competitors, building trust and credibility in your field.

Now, here’s the critical question: Does your potential customer listen to your podcast or your competitors’? If you’re missing out on having a podcast altogether, you’re leaving a void that your competitors might be happily filling.

So, if you haven’t considered launching your podcast yet, it’s time to rethink your strategy. You’re not just missing out on opportunities; you’re missing out on building valuable connections with your audience.

But let’s pause here for a moment and learn from a recent experience. After I spoke at a conference, I realized that I needed to totally redesign my message. The title of my session did not reflect the key value point that the audience received.

My message was about how marketers should start with multimedia content such as video and podcasts as a SOURCE and then run the strategy I shared to turn this media into a content machine.

My fail was in using the word “podcast” in the session title.

I asked the audience to take home this statement if they didn’t get anything else: 

“Your podcast is a SOURCE of content. Not an end product!”

The same goes for video.

Because these types of content can generate…

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Written content that is already vetted by management
  • Social content
  • Sales enablement content
  • Website content

Although the session was well attended by those managing branded podcasts, it was missed by those with the need to become more efficient and effective at content output.

Despite making a mark as experts in branded podcasts, Content Monsta never set out to be a “podcast company”. We are a business Content company. (It’s in the name). But our success in podcast production caused us to skew our message.

From now on, I’ll be clearer on helping marketers create quality, engaging, and effective content at scale – with clarity on the best strategies and starting points.

Don’t wait any longer. It’s time to talk about getting your own podcast up and running. The opportunities are out there, and you don’t want to be left behind.

Explore how a branded business podcast can work wonders for your organization.