Customer Video Testimonial

Customer Video Testimonials Increase the Effectiveness of Your Online Marketing Efforts

In Blog by A. Lee Judge

For any business owner or marketing leader looking to achieve greatness, using and applying customer video testimonials from satisfied customers is a sure way to achieve a win. When used correctly, these videos will make your website more visually appealing and drive trust with both existing and potential customers. 

What do consumers say about your brand? If you are one of those with happy clients, it’s time to learn how to use their testimonials to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

The battle in the world of marketing is extremely hard. Each day you are tasked with competing against other companies in your space in order to optimize your strategies, differentiate yourself from other brands and build a reputation that increases the credibility of your company. Then there is the constant need to build a bond of trust with consumers. That’s a lot, right?

Here are three advantages gained with the creation of customer video testimonials.

More Exposure

In today’s social media driven society, visibility is vital to be a leader among your competitors. Short customer video testimonials can get significant attention, which often encourages your visitors to share their content with other people on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This not only helps increase exposure through social media networks, but it will also help your rankings in search engines. This makes it easier to find your business, access your website, and buy your products and services.

Build Customer Confidence with Answers

A customer video testimonial can answer another potential client’s question, acting almost like a visual form of a FAQ (frequently asked questions), but even better because the information is coming from a more neutral voice. This can provide assuring information about a company, its products, successes, and even the company culture (HR will love this!) through a customer explaining their experience working with your business.

Testimonial videos add credibility to the website not only by increasing your marketing footprint but also by showing a personal face to the breadth of knowledge contained within your company. This may be another strategy used to gain more followers online. Some visitors prefer to get quick information when they visit a web page.

Provide Social Proof with Real Data

Not only do video testimonials serve as a visual source of information, but they also have the ability to put prospective clients at ease by receiving social proof. If a visitor has never used the product of their company or services before, this can make them feel comfortable buying your offer based on a peer already having done so.

Include the name and company to which the person who has given your testimony belongs. If your company is B2B, choose your most important and well-known clients within the sector. This will give you the support you need to increase the prestige of your brand. Remember! To exhibit the testimony, you must have the consent of your client.

The success of your business depends on word of mouth. In fact, it is a decisive buying factor. The testimonials are excellent tools to improve the positioning of your brand. If this is a part of your goals, then begin implementing video into your strategy today and see how testimonials increase your conversions. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the results.

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