Sangram Vajre - Business of Marketing Podcast Clip - Challenges of Go-To-Market as a Service

Navigating Challenges of Go-To-Market as a Service with Sangram Vajre

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Product-based businesses and service-based business require a very different approach to launching. Even the go-to-market strategy can be vastly different. What if the service business “is” a go-to-market consultancy?

In a recent conversation, Sangram mentioned his plans to transition from a successful product-based company to a service-based one, with a focus on go-to-market research and advisory services.

Sangram Vajre shares insight into some of the challenges and his excitement about the new concept/offering.

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His new venture aims to be a go-to source for companies looking to improve their go-to-market strategies.

By partnering with G2, they will collect data on emerging trends in the field and offer frameworks and research-backed advice to help businesses succeed in their marketing efforts.

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In conclusion, the transition from a product-based to a service-based business can be a smart move for entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities for growth and profitability.

By taking a cue from Sangram, we can see that service-based companies can offer great potential, particularly in fields like go-to-market research and advisory services.

Check out the full episode with Sangram Vajre.

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