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How to Build a Digital Brand with Juntae DeLane

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One of the top reasons for marketing as a whole is branding and brand awareness. And in a digital world, without a Digital Brand all other marketing efforts can struggle.

But what exactly is a Digital Brand and who needs one. Just businesses? Individuals? Products even?

My guest this episode is a sought-after strategist, thought-leader, and influencer. He is the Founder & CEO at Digital Delane, a full-service digital agency, and the Founder of Digital Branding Institute.

He frequently delivers talks around the country advancing the practice of digital branding.

He’s known for making complex digital branding strategies accessible as he speaks at marketing conferences including Digital Summit, Social Media Marketing World, Content Marketing World and more.

To help us gain clarity and learn more about Digital Branding, it’s my pleasure to welcome to the podcast, Juntae DeLane.

Conversation points:
Juntae, we’ve crossed paths a few times while speaking at marketing events, probably before we even met each other. One of the topics of yours that I enjoy hearing your insights on is Digital Branding.

  • What is your definition of a “Digital Brand”?
  • How do you start the process of creating or mapping out a Digital Brand?
  • If we already have a Digital Brand, what can we do to optimize our existing digital brand?
I noticed some great content on your website in the form of checklists for Digital Branding. Those checklists are different for Small Businesses, or Attorneys, Physicians, Consultants, etc.

  • Can you give us some common checklist items that you might find in each of these guides?
A few months back you developed an event called the Digital Brand Summit. You managed to gather some top level speakers to pull off a virtual event, even before the pandemic.
  • Can you tell us about what it was like to develop the event?
  • How did you attract top speakers
  • How did you attract attendees?
  • What were some of your goals in creating a great user experience?
We are both speaking at Digital Summit in Atlanta next week. Which will be before this podcast is released.

In your session you are talking about Ways to Readjust Your Content Marketing Plans for 2022. Of course if you are talking about content marketing, I’m all ears.

  • Tell us some of the adjustments you think marketers should make to their plans (and budgets) for 2022.

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Feel free to contact the hosts and ask additional questions, we would love to answer them on the show.

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