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Using Customer Data To Guide Go-To-Market and Content Strategy with Chris Wallace

In The Business of Marketing Podcast by A. Lee Judge

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In this episode, Chris Wallace and A. Lee Judge discuss the parallels (and even co-dependency) between marketing and customer experience.

Chris gives additional insight into branding, sales, marketing, and corporate leadership.

Chris also shares how companies can better align the strategies of the board room with the daily execution at the front lines.

Conversation points:

  • Can you give us your definition of the front line and how it relates to the customer experience and marketing?
  • When a company is able to glean data from customer interactions, how can marketers use this data to guide their go-to-market strategies?
  • What are some initial steps that an organization can do to help connect “those closest to the customer experience” to “those who make the business decisions”?
  • In your experience, how can internal members of an organization contribute to brand lift by showing up “themselves” in the company’s branding and messaging?
  • Share with us some of your experience with the value and effects of internal marketing and branding.
  • I believe your team has some methodology in measuring alignment, so can you give some insight into how we can measure the sales and marketing gap and perhaps how we can begin to reduce that gap?

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