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Jay Baer Shares B2B Podcast Tips and Personal Brand Strategies

In The Business of Marketing Podcast by A. Lee Judge

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Jay Baer shares his secret to sustaining a phenomenal personal brand over the decades.

In this episode of the Business of Marketing podcast, Jay Baer and I discuss B2B podcast tips, personal brand strategies, content marketing, and Jay’s business – Convince and Convert.

Conversation points:

  • Jay, can you tell us about your personal brand and the work behind it?

I’m sure that a lot of your business, especially your tremendous speaking career has come because of your personal brand.

  • What do you say to business professionals (in any industry) who want to increase their personal brand, but haven’t yet taken the steps to create content for that brand?

Jay, you’re the founder of the marketing firm, Convince and Convert. The listeners might ask me, “Why would I bring a leader of another agency onto my podcast?”

And I’ll tell you exactly why… Jay is one of the leading minds in Marketing, the first time I saw Jay he was commanding the stage at a major marketing conference.

And most of all, my goal in this podcast is to bring and share knowledge with marketers. Jay is absolutely an expert that I respect.

  • Through your years operating Convince and Convert, have you seen a change in the way businesses view content marketing? And have there been milestones where this change may have accelerated?

I want to talk about two quotes, one is yours and one is from our friend Andy Crestodina.

Yours is one that goes back to something like 2014 where you stated “Content Is Fire, Social Media Is Gasoline” and Andy more recently said “The best content doesn’t win. The best promoted content wins.”

  • So to put those together, the biggest “content fire” is the one that gets the most social media fuel. Right?

Jay, both of our companies, yours being Convince and Convert, mine being Content Monsta have produced a lot of B2B podcasts. Speaking from my experiences, I’ve seen some podcasts with the best content almost flatline, while some with mediocre content skyrocket. And the clearest distinction is their promotion.

  • What advice do you give for podcast promotion?

I’ve got a really open-ended question for you here and I know there are some “It Depends” in here, but given the hundreds of podcasts you’ve done I want to see how you approach this. The simple, but loaded, question is…

In the early 2000’s, a company I owned built websites and the question for many businesses then was: “Do we really need blog articles?”

Well, we know now that they’re essential. Then it was video…. And again, now it has become essential for a content strategy.

  • I think we are heading in that direction for audio content like podcasts. What do you think Jay?

Before we go, I want to make sure that the listeners can find an opportunity to hear you speak in person. You’re one of the best and I encourage business leaders and marketers to hear from Jay.

  • What’s coming up on your calendar in the near future?

Thanks for listening to The Business of Marketing podcast.

Feel free to contact the hosts and ask additional questions, we would love to answer them on the show.

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