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Marketing KPIs: Jennifer Griffin Smith Explains How to Tackle Misguided Leadership Demands

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How do you correct misguided Marketing KPIs when leadership asks for the wrong ones? The business of marketing is complicated and Jennifer Griffin Smith helps explain why this is so.

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, communicating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be a major challenge for marketing and media professionals.

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Marketing KPIs are typically less transactional and revenue-connected than traditional business KPIs, and as a result, can be more difficult to communicate to other executives and stakeholders, such as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), and others.

The business of marketing is complicated, as it involves creating a campaign, engaging the target audience, and measuring the results of that campaign.

Today’s consumers have changed, as they now have less time to engage with content and expect to receive information in different ways, such as video content.

This presents a new challenge for marketers, who must be able to deliver content in a way that is both engaging and measurable. Additionally, the digital world adds another layer of complexity to the marketing landscape.

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Consumers are bombarded with pop-ups and other distractions, and marketers must work to break through this clutter and deliver content that is both relevant and valuable.

To address these challenges, marketing professionals must simplify their approach to communicating KPIs, and focus on delivering information in a consumable way that helps their sales teams to be more successful.

This requires a deep understanding of the buying center, including who the buyers are, what they are interested in, and how they are engaging with content.

By using technology to monitor intent, marketers can deliver valuable insights to their sales teams and help them tailor their outreach more effectively.

In conclusion, communicating marketing KPIs can be a major challenge in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, but by simplifying their approach and delivering information in a consumable way, marketers can help their sales teams to be more successful and make a real impact on the bottom line.

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