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Sales and Marketing – The Line Between is Blurring! Get aligned.

In The Business of Marketing Podcast by A. Lee Judge

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Pam Didner B2B Marketing Consultant joins this episode!

Ever since the first businesses decided that there would be a team focused on SALES and ANOTHER team focused on MARKETING, there has been a struggle to understand who’s contribution mattered the most. As time moved on, these teams developed silos and virtual WALLS in between them.
With modern technologies – AND changes in the customer journey, the lines between Marketing and Sales have been blurred – and organizations, whether they are ready or not, have to adjust to operating in a MODERN and COHESIVE fashion.
Today’s guest is a B2B Marketing Consultant, Author, and Speaker. She specializes in content marketing, account-based marketing, and sales enablement.

Most importantly, she works to help marketing better align with sales. And today we hope to tap into her 20 years of experience, the frameworks she has developed, and her approaches to tackle the marketing problems that organizations face.

Here are some of the topics that Lee asks Pam in this episode:

  • We both work with organizations with Sales and Marketing Alignment – for our listeners, can you give your definition of what this means?
  • Pam, you’ve spoken to both Sales and Marketing teams in multiple organizations, of the two, which do you think is more interested in being aligned with the other?
  • Aside from tools and processes, do you see any individual pushbacks from understanding the role of the other team?
  • I pulled your book off of my shelf this morning and was curious to see why I had a certain page bookmarked. The section marked was about the blurred lines between Sales and Marketing. From your view, what did the pandemic do to blur this line even further?
  • From what I’ve observed in organizations, many of the most important changes that need to occur in order for Sales and Marketing alignment must come from the top. If the C-suite doesn’t command it, it won’t happen. Tell me about your experiences with coaching the C-Suite in the right direction.
  • Let’s talk about Content’s role in Sales and Marketing alignment. What’s your take on how a Marketing team can leverage the content they generate to further the alignment of Sales and Marketing.
  • Pam, you consult on a broad range of topics in B2B marketing. What would you say is the hottest topic with B2B organizations today regarding their marketing?
  • Tell us about all things Pam. Your podcast, your new book, and how listeners can connect with you.

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