The Business of Marketing Podcast

The Business of Marketing podcast is a conversation where we learn how to win in the current marketing landscape. Hosted by A. Lee Judge, Digital Marketing Consultant along with a Mastermind Group of professional marketers. Stay up to date and sharp on your marketing knowledge while learning from these experienced marketers.

Jason Falls - Business of Marketing Podcast

Influence vs Influencer Marketing with Jason Falls

In this episode, Jason Falls helps us to understand the difference between “Influence” Marketing vs “Influencer” marketing and give some insight into how that relates to traditional PR. Jason is an award-winning strategist noted as a top influencer in the social technology and marketing space.

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Ashley Zeckman - Business of Marketing Podcast

What Does B2B Influencer Marketing Really Mean?

Ashley Zeckman, the Vice President for Inprela Communications, is our guest on this episode as we talk about the meaning of B2B Influencer Marketing. When we first began hearing a lot about “Influencer Marketing” it conjured up images of beautiful people who happened to be showing us their favorite clothing, shoes, beverage, vacation spot, or even their toothpaste. Today, we know that influencer marketing is much more. Especially for B2B.

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Mark Schaefer - Business of Marketing Podcast

The Value of Being “Known” – Personal Branding and Marketing Strategy

Mark Schaefer is our feature guest on this episode as we talk about becoming Known, Personal Branding, and Marketing Strategy. Listen in to this interview with this globally recognized author, speaker, podcaster, and business consultant. Hear life-changing stories about Lee’s own growth in personal branding and hear insights from Mark on both brand and business marketing strategy.

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Christopher Penn - Business of Marketing Podcast

Diving into Data for Marketers – A.I., Google Updates, and More

Christopher Penn joins the podcast to discuss diving into data for marketers. As a best-selling author & keynote speaker, he’s shared his expertise on digital marketing, marketing technology, and Artificial Intelligence on stages for companies such as IBM, Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot and more! By the end of this podcast, I’m sure you’ll want to follow Christopher and keep learning from his insights.

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Pam Didner - Business of Marketing Podcast

Sales and Marketing – The Line Between is Blurring! Get aligned.

Pam Didner joins the podcast to discuss the blurring line between Sales and Marketing. Both Lee and Pam work to break down the silos between these two teams and discuss how the “merge” is happening whether Sales or Marketing likes it or not. Listen to the conversation and learn who is pushing back and who needs to drive the alignment.

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Andrew Davis - Business of Marketing Podcast

Marketing’s Role in the Customer Experience

Andrew Davis joins the show. As a best-selling author & keynote speaker, he’s built and sold a digital marketing agency, produced for NBC, and worked for The Muppets. Today, Andrew Davis teaches business leaders how to grow their businesses, transform their cities, and leave their legacy.

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